Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!!


Well, with all of the celebrating last week, Halloween finally arrived! We didn't have the best weather conditions for trick or treating. The heavy rain held off for long enough to take some pictures and trick or treat for a few houses. This was so much fun to watch as a parent! Bradley was SO excited about the whole experience and really got into it. In the past few years I have often wanted him to grow up just a 'little bit more' so that we could really enjoy some of these wonderful holidays together. After all of that wishing him to grow up, I did get a little sad on Halloween. I feel like he has grown up so quickly, and is now a little boy! Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones too, but I just want to stop time and hold on to him just the way he is!!


Our first stop was at Gigi and Pop Pop's house for Round One of trick or treating. Bradley marched right up to the door and said, "trick or treat" like he has done this a million times.


Then we went over to Cali's neighborhood to hit a few more houses with our friends. Larken, Bradley and Amalie had a blast rushing from house to house. They did get quite a bucket full of candy. Larken was Cinderella and Amalie was a pumpkin....


Getting ready to hit the neighborhood...with the umbrella, just in case!

Baby Wally joined the crew too, and was a tigger for his first Halloween!

House #1: Running to the door like they own the place!

Wait for it....

Yes!!! This is the best holiday ever!


laura said...

so fun! wasn't halloween so much fun this year now that they actually "get" it?! :)

amanda said...

it really does just seem to get better the older they get! but you are right - it's kinda bittersweet!

Lindsay said...

aww looks like you guys had so much fun! Bradley looks so big as a conductor!

Courtney said...

So glad you had a great Halloween. Looks like he had a great time.

Chelle said...

So adorable! Halloween is such a fun time of year, isn't it?

Liam's Mom said...

That is the cutest group of trick or treaters! You captured so many darling moments! What a fun night!