Monday, October 5, 2009

Out and About!!


I can't believe I didn't post anything else last week! My time is flying by, and there is so much to share. We got invited to go to the U2 360 Concert last week with Rick and Cali! How could you pass up this rock legend and box seats??!! It was an amazing concert, and everyone had a blast. Unfortunately I brought my smaller camera to slide into my purse, and the batteries were dead! Boo!


After the concert on Friday I was literally a walking zombie. I am just not made to stay up until 1:30am and then get up at 7 with Bradley! So, the only thing we were able to accomplish on Friday was a trip to Toys R Us. We were on a mission for a birthday gift, but came home with this annoying, I mean adorable fishing game. You have to be patient to catch a fish, so Bradley decided to fish while resting. How come I always leave there with more stuff than I intended to buy?


I caught one Mommy!!


On Saturday we had sweet Addisan's 3rd Birthday party. I can still remember getting the phone call from my friend Jen telling me that she had Addisan the day before because of preeclampsia. Our little guys were due around the same time, and Addisan came out a fighter at 3 lbs. What a sight to see both of these guys turning three in the next few months. Jen and I taught together, and I am so glad that we moved to cities close to one another.

The party was at the SPCA and it was sooo much fun! Each child got to stuff their own doggies. Here is our best picture of Bradley with his new dog called, "Thomas" of course!


We got to go and visit all of the animals and pet some kittens. What a treat! The ENTIRE ride home Bradley asked when his party was going to be, and who was coming. It is so fun to see him excited for his upcoming birthday. He has already requested a Thomas the Train party, so I am slowly putting together the details.

Gotta go get ready for the Cirque Dreams Show tonight! YAY!!


Lindsay said...

oo I'm sorry your camera batteries were dead! My friend Jolanthe has a bunch on facebook the show looked amazing!! The birthday party looks like it was so much fun!!! What a cute stuffed doggy too :-)

Lindsay said...

oo forgot to say have fun tonight and we will definitely be at the Thomas party :-)

Courtney said...

So glad you are back after what sounds like a busy week. What a unique place to have a birthday party.

amanda said...

that's the second u2 pic i have seen this week - crazy awesome stage!!

laura said...

wasn't the U2 show awesome?!?! and i love the idea of a party at the SPCA! maybe next year!!