Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ooooooo....Spooky Crafts

For some reason I have gotten really excited about Halloween this year. Halloween had lost its excitement after my a little bit more fun in college again (or was that the drunken football games against WVU while dressed in costume?)...and it now really exciting again through Bradley's eyes!


Bradley's first Halloween was less than magical. He got a terrible, yucky flu that he so lovingly passed on to Chris and I. We spent his first Halloween hunkered down, throwing up, and just plain miserable. I actually dressed him up a week later and took these pictures outside just so I would have some sort of Halloween memory for his baby book. Sweet Baby Pumpkin!


As you might remember last year he was just big enough to knock on a door and say "Happy Halloween" in his little two year old language. He went to one house and then spent the rest of Halloween hanging out with Gigi and Pop Pop. So this year we are going ALL out. We are thinking of hitting a few neighborhoods with the grandparents and some with friends. We have been reading Halloween books and talking about the whole holiday. Bradley can't believe that you say "trick or treat" and people give you candy. Can we say this little man is EXCITED?!! I actually haven't hung up all of my decorations yet. We have a showing this week, so I decided to wait until this weekend to start decorating. But we did....


give our staircases a spooky look with spider webs. Bradley LOVED this and will show you where all of the spiders are hiding, I love it!


We also bought some fake pumpkins at the craft store and covered them with lots to ghosts and bats. So cute and easy!


I also bought a few more pumpkins and let Bradley paint them however he wanted. Let's just say we are making a BIG deal out of Halloween this year. I am really excited about it!

We are going apple picking on Friday and to the greatest pumpkin patch on Saturday. We will truly be in the witching spirit after this weekend. It is so fun to fall in love with the holidays again through your child. I love it!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I think Halloween is always much funner with a little one around! Have a good time this year!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

I am super excited about Halloween this year, too. Maybe because my almost 2 year old is big enough to trick or treat and to decide what she wants to be for Halloween - SpiderMan, just like her brother!

Courtney said...

I love the flashback of Bradley's costumes. I love the stair case. I hope you are doing well with your pregnancy.

Krystyn said...

This is going to be the first year Izzy really gets it, too! I'm scared of all of the candy she is going to eat.

Love the little pumpkin decorations.

Christy said...

We haven't put up any decorations this year. It is weird, because we always put up decorations before we had kids.

paige said...

i can just see his cute little self finding all the spooky spiders..precious
have fun at the pumpkin patch

Lindsay said...

awww so fun! I love the spider webs they look super cute! Sammy and I have a pumpkin we are going to paint soon! Can't wait for the pumpkin patch this weekend!

amanda said...

love all the pumpkin decorating!

it really is the best time of year!

Jodee Leader said...

Hooray for Halloween! I am super excited this year too! Cute pictures!

Hope your pregnancy is going well! Have a great weekend!

OHmommy said...

I love decorating for the Fall. It's so much fun.

日月神教-任我行 said...