Monday, October 26, 2009

Marine Corp Marathon...Whooo Ra!! (Updated with New Funny Photo!)


My amazing and beautiful sister in law Kim completed the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday!!! She finished in 4 hrs 21 minutes!!

Chris and I really wanted to go and see her in the race, but we weren't sure about bringing Bradley. After getting up there we are so glad that he didn't make the trip. The crowds were really thick and scary through the metro. Chris and I even had a hard time staying together and finding Kim at the end of the race. Kim had NO idea we were coming up to watch her. So, we waited for her on the sideline and Chris jumped out in the race and ran a mile with her. She couldn't believe it!


Kim just sent me this photo of Chris and her running, how hilarious is Chris's face?!
Then Adam ran with her until the end of the race. I am so proud of this girl. She just decided she was going to run the marathon. She didn't do the training with a team or anything, she just trained on her own. She said it was worth it in the end, but she isn't sure that she will run in another one.

Bradley got a special treat, and spent the night at Gigi and Pop Pop's house for the first time without us!! He did a great job and has been talking about them all day today. We took the time without him to do all of our birthday and Christmas shopping for Bradley. We are concerned if the house sells and trying to get everything done for the holidays and Bradley's birthday. I am going to try and wrap most of the presents this week and pack them away. His big birthday present is...


The new Leapfrog Zippity! I read a bunch of things online about this new leapfrog toy. It is supposed to be very interactive and fun. It comes with eight games by Disney, most of which have characters Bradley loves. I am excited to see if he likes it!

For Christmas we really splurged and got Bradley this entire Thomas Roundhouse Set. Bradley is just so in LOVE with all things trains, and especially Thomas. He won't need another Thomas train for ever! I can't wait to see his expression when this huge Thomas is under the tree! Whew, I am feeling better about Christmas coming around the corner!!



Lindsay said...

yay Kim that is so great! How fun that Chris and Adam got to run with her! Those presents look awesome!

laura said...

oh, what an amazing accomplishment for your sister-in-law. my sister (a personal trainer) actually jumped in early on to run with one of her clients and wound up running 22.5 miles. so, she just signed up for the delaware one in 3 weeks. i wish i had that cool!

what to get a jumpstart on the holiday season! those toys look awesome. after syd's big birthday bash, i have no clue what to do for xmas!

amanda said...

long distance high five on the completed holiday shopping!! yay for you!! can you come over and do mine now??