Monday, October 19, 2009

Cravings and Pregnancy Must Haves

I can't believe I am 16 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy has been a breeze by many standards. My friend from high school, Laura from The Land of Syd is pregnant too! We are due a few weeks apart from each other! She has been doing really cute posts about her first trimester (which was much more trying than mine). But I thought it was a great idea to jot down some of the funny and not so funny things about being pregnant with baby #2! (So, Laura I hope you don't mind me copying you on this one:)

As I mentioned before my first trimester was pretty smooth. I was mostly just VERY tired and EXTREMELY hungry. So hungry that I would eat breakfast and need a four course meal about two hours later. I was also SO hungry but NOTHING tastes good. Don't you hate that? I would fix the most fabulous meal, and then look at it and wonder what I was thinking. I know Chris's Mom will gag when she reads this but I've really craved .....


EGGS!!!! And I mean eggs cooked ANY way you could think of....scrambled, omelets, egg biscuits, egg fritatas, egg salads, and especially the egg and cheese everything bagel from Bodo's. Bodos is the most delicious bagel place in town, with great soups and salads for cheap!

egg bagel

The egg obsession hasn't completely ended. I am still obsessing over eggs, and I just made huge batch of egg salad the other day. My Dad called me just as I had finished carefully peeling and chopping up my beloved eggs for my salad. While I was on the phone I realized I was out of mayo!!!! We live too far away to hop over to the grocery store and I was seriously distraught. My Dad asked, "Clare, is that really the worst thing that has happened today??!" I guess it has been a while since he has been around a pregnant woman craving food. I actually took poor Bradley across the street looking for mayo (they didn't have any). Oh, the stress!!


On to the carrots....oh I am in LOVE with carrots this pregnancy. I have had carrots at least three times a week with dinner. I was buying smaller bundles of carrots and would get annoyed with Chris and Bradley for eating them. So, I decided to buy the enormous bunches of carrots! I will cook a ton of them with butter and a bit of brown sugar, and I am in heaven!

Don't worry I have also been craving some horrible things like....


Nutella!! Oh this little friend is evil, but so good. I will cut up strawberries or apples and spread a bit of nutella on the slices. Yummm! I sat down after dinner and ate an entire bowl of strawberries, while dipping them in nutella. Chris just stared at me like I had lost my mind. I think men just stay out of our way, and make no comments when the pregnancy hormones have kicked in:)


The most recent obsession has been skittles. I have finished two bags in the past two weeks. I will fill up a small bag after dinner and munch away. This poor little baby must be getting a sugar high each night. I am hoping this obsession will end soon, it isn't a good one!

Although I have made it through my first trimester, I will say I still don't feel 100%. I have been suffering from afternoon headaches that will leave me needing a nap or some serious couch time. I don't remember having such horrible headaches with Bradley. This week they seem to be lightening up, but my back has been killing me. I will have shooting pains when I get out of the car or move a certain way. I am hoping that it is just where the baby is positioned right now, and will soon pass. Last but definitely not least has been the full on baby indigestion. I had this so BADLY with Bradley, but not until much later in my pregnancy. It has hit me early and hit me hard this time. Mylanta is already my new best friend. Anything and everything seems to set it off, and it is just the worst. I felt like an 80 year old women this weekend between my back aches and my indigestion.

Poor Chris has been amazing and put up with me, all of my aches and pains, and my serious egg eating. I just feel so blessed to be going through all of this, I know it is so worth it in the end. And it is fun to just laugh at what we do and eat while pregnant!


Jodee Leader said...

What a fun post! I wish I would have had a blog during my pregnancies! You will enjoy going back and reading about Baby #2 some day.

Your cravings are a hoot! I craved really unhealthy food with Carson like crunchy Cheetos and more healthy food with Kamree like fruits and vegetables!

Enjoy your second trimester!

Krystyn said...

Really, eggs? Never did it for me.

But, now I'm needing some skittles.

laura said...

love this post, and thanks for the prego shout out!! i think my 1st trimester would have been 100x better if i lived near bodo's, or my other personal fave, take it away. i think their house dressing is made for pregnancy cravings!

Courtney said...

So glad that for the most part everything is going smoothly. I loved reading about your cravings.

Chelle said...

I love this post! 16 weeks?! Time is going by FAST girl! Woohoo!

I've never tried Nutella before, but it sounds yummy!

And the Wild Berry Skittles? A must have my entire 1st trimester. I swear it was the only thing that didn't make me sick :)

amanda said...

oh how i love me some skittles!!

and we really are lucky that we have hubby's who just sit back and let us eat :)

Amanda said...

I had a craving for skittles too ~ that and anything that was made with oranges. Orange ice-lollies were a favourite!

amy said...

You're moving right along Clare! That's awesome. I love The Land of Syd blog...I must have found it on your list a while ago and am hooked! :) Some day when we decide to have a baby I know I will want junk food GALORE, but good for you for keeping it healthy!