Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Doughnuts, Need I Say More?!!


Little Bradley and I had a blast on Friday at the local Apple Orchard! We got there early and enjoyed a little apple doughnut picnic....yummm! It was definitely a picnic with a view!


Once Chloe met us on the mountain we trudged off to find some yummy apples. Luckily I confiscated an apple picking pole, or we would have been out of luck. The orchard had about a million elementary schools there for field trips. And the sections they had open for picking were really picked over! We definitely had to use the pole to get any of the good apples. I made a yummy apple crisp this weekend, and I am going to make apple pie tonight for dessert. Yay! I love this time of year.


Riding in the wagon looking for apples...did I mention it was the HOTTEST day ever? Greta and I were sweating trying to pull these two around with bags of apples in the wagon!

Hayrides!! Of course Bradley takes the most adorable picture while I haven't showered and sweated my tush off! Figures!

Cutest Worm Ever!


Jodee Leader said...

What a fun day! Apple donuts are the best!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Jodee Leader said...

Ooops -- I meant have a great week (not weekend)!

Lindsay said...

awww looks like you guys had a great time! I think the picture of you and Bradley is adorable!!

amanda said...

sooo perfect :)

i actually just saw a recipe from the food network magazine on how to make cider donuts at home...i have to try it!!

Jenn said...

Great view and Apple Donuts sound like a great treat to me !

laura said...

oooh, so fun! is that carter's mountain? love that place! wish we had something like that near us in carolina.

Krystyn said...

Sounds like a great time! Looks like a great time, too.

And, now I want an apple crisp!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh you are killing me...Harry and I were just reminiscing about those apple doughnuts yesterday:( We miss them SO much!

paige said...

what fun!!
& you look great by the way for a sweating mom!
such gorgeous eyes