Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girlfriends and Costumes


A few weekends ago, I made the short trip up to Northern, VA to see my girlfriends for a surprise baby shower. My best friend Stephanie is having a baby in February!! She now lives in Rhoade Island and I miss getting to see her all of the time. Since moving up there, she met a guy, got married, and is now having her first baby. We surprised her with brunch, shopping, and dinner, along with a gift card to Babies R Us. She hasn't registered yet, so we figured she could put that to good use. We all bought her our favorite children's book too to start her collection. She had no idea about any of it, and was so excited!


Old Roomies...Steph, Lori and I all lived together in our Kappa Delta sorority house at Virginia Tech. Gotta love these girls!! There was a whole crew, but we didn't get a group shot!

In other fun stuff...Bradley got his Halloween costume in the mail. They were priced really great, so I ordered him two different choices. I figured he could use them to play dress up around the house.

What do you think he should be??



train conductor??!
It will probably be whichever one is suiting his mood around Halloween. But, I just had to share those sweet photos!!


Lindsay said...

ooo Steph looks so great!! Glad you guys were all able to get together! I am so in love with the train conductor outfit!! But they are both really cute!

amanda said...

love the surprise baby shower! how fun!! and the costumes...loving both but the train conductor is extra cute!

Courtney said...

He looks so cute in both costumes. I think I am leaning towards the fire fighter, but either one would be great!

Amanda said...

What a lovely thing to do for your friend. Sounds like a great day to catch up on some gossip too!

Both outfits are just lovely..I wonder what he'll choose?!?

Amanda x

Coffeemate2 said...

Can you send the picture of you and your KD sisters, along with details of the weekend, to for posting in the KD Connect for alumnae, the electronic KD newsletter and on the KD Facebook page! We love to show what KDs are doing around the country. this blog popped up in my KD Google alert.

Thanks so much.


amy said...

Love the Train Conductor. Bradley is SO cute Clare. :) ONE of these days we have to get together when you are here or I am there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare! Those costumes are so adorable. Where did you find them? Hope we can coordinate the football weekend!


Danna said...

Interesting post!! He is looking great in fireman costume... Train Conductor costume is also nice for Halloween...

Christy said...

The train conductor costumes is too freaking cute! SERIOUSLY AWESOME!

Liam's Mom said...

LOVE the fireman one! Such a doll!