Monday, August 10, 2009

Pool Fun


I guess I couldn't think of another title for my third beach post...I am not feeling very creative! But, we did spend a ton of time in the pool on our vacation. The kids enjoyed the beach, but lost interest after an hour or two. It seemed that no matter how long we were in the pool...they were happy! Bradley has really become such a water bug! I love it! It reminds me of all of the time I spent growing up swimming and splashing around in the pool.

On our trip Bradley became a lot more confident with his swimming skills. He even jumped off the side with no one there to catch him. I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing! We spent a number of mornings and afternoons at the different pools in the neighborhood. I took far to many pictures, but this is my personal scrapbook since I am not keeping one right now for Bradley!


Larken inspecting bugs by the pool...she isn't too happy about it.


Bradley driving the float!

Larken giving the Dads instructions!



This kid just loves his Daddy. They had a great time playing together in the pool!

Amalie hanging on the side while the big kids were swimming.


We had a number of float races...


And noodle fights...


As well as practice jumping off the side...




Bradley thought it was fun to spray people with the hose. Although he mostly sprayed himself!



These are my favorite shots of Bradley jumping off the edge! What a big boy!




Just a few more beach pictures, and then I have to blog about our past weekend visiting the National Air and Space Museum!


Lindsay said...

Great shots Clare! I love the series at the bottom with Bradley jumping! I'm bummed we can't get together but glad I know why Sammy has been so fussy.. hopefully he will feel better soon!

amy said...

So happy that you had fun at the beach Clare! I actually was going to see if you could meet us at a vineyard in Cville but had read on here that you were out of town. Would LOVE to get togther & chat some time! Bradley is as adorable as ever in all of you OBX photos!

Chelle said...

Love the pictures, girl!

Love him jumping--what a big guy!!

Krystyn said...

Looks like a great time! You caught some great shots!

amanda said...

great shots! you always make the water look like so much fun!

laura said...

oooh, so fun!

Amanda said...

I would have had to drag my kids away from that pool when it got dark! Not kidding!
It looks like so much fun!

3 Peanuts said...

Wow---he is a little fish too! It is so funny..I was reading this when I saw your commetn come in on my post about swimming...great timing:)