Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ocean Fun

There are literally so many pictures, I had to divide them up! This post is all about our ocean fun! Above is the picture of our beautiful beach house, and below is the neighborhood. I love the pastel colors of the homes, it was so beachy and fun! The kids really seemed to enjoy the beach the first few days, but on our third attempt they were losing interest. For as much as Bradley and Larken loved to swim in the pool they were still a little bit scared of the ocean. So, we stuck to the sand and digging in the rocks and shells. Larken built a number of princess castles, and we had to talk Bradley into NOT knocking them down. It was pretty funny! The Dads were great and would build lakes, rivers, and castle upon castle for these guys. So much fun!!


If you asked these two what their favorite part of the trip, it would probably be the 'trolley rides' and the bike rides. We were on the sound side of the beach, so we had to take a short trolley to the ocean. It was the highlight of their day...waiting at the bus stop and driving on the bus. The Currituck club was great, because once you got off the trolley they would bring you beach gear down to the the sand for you! What a treat when you are lugging toddlers through the sand. Here are the two big kids on the trolley!

It was crowded, but great weather!

I love this picture of Larken!

Amalie would have her own little photo shoot with me every day...I love this little one!





One day there were lots of rocks and shells on the beach, the kids loved it!






Rick and his two girls, what a sweet family!

Larken showing of her princess castles!

I love this shot of Bradley!!! I just love the red bucket and his blue hat. I wish that all of my pictures turned out this artistic, but it is maybe 1 out of 100!!


Hard at work!

Our family down in the water!

I love this little man! I remember last summer he HATED the sand and cried for much of the time on the beach. My how things have changed! He was sandy, messy, and having a blast!


Krystyn said...

Great pictures...looks like a great time!

And, good job getting a family picture!

Lindsay said...

oo that house is amazing!! I love the little trolley looks like the kids did as well! You got some really great shots Clare WTG! :-)

laura said...

what fun!!! gorgeous pics! you are so artistic with your photos! i don't know what you're talking about!!


Amanda said...

It looks so lovely and warm!
All of the pictures of the kids are very cute ~ what beautiful children.
Amanda x

Jodee Leader said...

I love your beach house! Great pictures!

amanda said...

could you pretty please send me some ocean?? pretty please??

it just looks amazing honey!

Liam's Mom said...

You took amazing photos, Woman! I want to go to the beach now! Lake Powell here we come!

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