Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekly Rituals


One of our many weekly rituals is "The Little Gym." We go every Wednesday, and I am always forgetting my camera. I finally got it together to bring my camera and do a post on one of our favorite places! Bradley LOVES The Little Gym, and talks about it all week...leading up to it and afterwards. Since going he has learned how to do Donkey Kicks, The Bear Crawl, flips on the bar, climb the rock wall, and most recently somersaults!

To be honest for the first 20 or so classes, Bradley wanted very little to do with the group instruction part. The beginning of Little Gym the teacher sings songs and leads the kids in a warm-up. For many weeks I was always the mom doing the gallop steps by myself, while my child ran around like a mad man jumping from one thing to another. The teacher kept telling me not to worry, that he would come around. Sure enough over the past 6 weeks Bradley has started joining the group for parachute activities and to bounce on the air mats. Last week we had a huge breakthrough. Bradley joined me for the entire warm-up!! I was over the moon with it! He followed directions and listened to the teacher.

I must say that parenting is one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Here are a few of the snapshots from exploration time (basically run around the gym like two year old wild beasts). Just a side note, his class is called the "Super Beasts!" I love it!

His friend Margaret and Bradley taking a break on the mats.

The Bar: Bradley Attempting to Swing on the Bar

Here he goes...

Look at me Mom!!

That face is hilarious!!! Concentration!

Thank goodness for the padding!

I love the structure and routine of the class. We always end with bubbles, and the kids have a blast trying to catch them!


Lindsay said...

Aww yay for the little gym and following directions. I look forward to that day! Love those shorts!

Courtney said...

This looks like a great class. What a great way to burn off energy as well as to work on listening skills!

laura said...

funny you write this post today - we just got back from our morning at the little gym. syd's a regular beastie. she LOVES it! but, man, those donkey kicks are hard! :)

amanda said...

i love this!! i was just thinking recently that i need to look into a little gym class!

Amanda said...

I can just see by looking at your pictures just how much fun Bradley is having!

Sounds like a great set-up for toddlers.
Amanda x

Amy said...

We need to move to a bigger city! That place looks awesome!

Be Blessed!