Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun At Its Best!


Couldn't you just eat these three little peas up?? I love that Bradley was trying to get away from the girls, Larken looks happy as a clam, and Amalie is the funniest little thing!! Every time we laid her down on the hammock she put her arms behind her head for a rest. You couldn't pose a cuter picture.

On Tuesday we headed to the other side of town for some adventures at Larken's Aba's house. With the pool, a blueberry patch, and hammocks, it couldn't have been a better morning. I have decided that Bradley is a total water bug, and would have stayed in the pool all day. Even after our picnic lunch, he wanted to get back in. I knew he was exhausted, so we headed home for nap time. I am so looking forward to heading to the beach in a few weeks with this wonderful family!


Cali took this picture of Bradley with his new 'swimmies' on.


More friends were at Aba's house running around the pool.


I love taking pictures of little Amalie. She is totally working it for the camera!

Blueberry picking in the sun

Trying out the goods...


The pool, plus a little watermelon...yummy!
I am definitely feeling a lot better this week, and I am ready to get back to the gym. I start teaching my class again next week. Hopefully I don't pass out on the step!


Lindsay said...

oo looks like you had a blast! Sorry I didn't get your call earlier I was on a conference call. I want to get together soon! Miss you so much! I love the hammock picture!

Chelle said...

They are too adorable! And that top picture is too cute for words!


amanda said...

total summer bliss!

watermelon, berries and the pool?


Jodee Leader said...

What a fun day! Cute pictures!

Krystyn said...

What a great time.

Loving the outdoor shots!