Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crafting Day Gone Bad

I was feeling a little lost about what Bradley and I were going to do for the summer. The school year had been really structured with preschool and work two mornings a week. I decided this weekend that I was going to get some activities and toys together for us to do this summer. What is it they say about the best of intentions??

I looked up a ton of crafting ideas for toddlers and we hit the shops. First we went to "Toys R Us" to get some new and fun things for the summer...a sprinkler, a leap pad, and an awesome starter Thomas the Train set. Our next stop was good old Michael's. We bought tons of fun craft things; glitters, glues, foam letters, pom poms, paints, the list goes on. To top it off, I went through all of my teaching supplies while he was napping and pulled out some awesome things. I found a jackpot of playdoh toys, "Hullabaloo" (which is by the makers of Cranium, awesome game for little guys), and tons of art supplies.




I love this organizer, I bought it when I was teaching from "Really Good Stuff." It is perfect for all of those little baggies that rip open and spill.

This morning I was feeling really excited about our summer projects. We worked all morning on a glueless collage. Bradley had a blast putting all of the feather and 'glitters' as he called them on his project. I was getting excited for this summer and spending time together.


Picking through his "glitters."


It goes right here Mommy!


Our finished project...not bad for day one.

Then Bradley asked to play outside in the pool. I got him changed and sunscreened, and I threw on my suit. We headed outside and I filled up the pool and got the sprinkler set up in the yard. All was well for about twenty minutes, then Bradley decided he wanted to go back inside. Oh, how frustrated reasoning with a two year old can be!!! After much discussion we went back inside. Right when I started taking of his swim suit he freaked out, "I WANT THE WATER, I WANT THE POOL!!" Huge meltdown and I was at the end of my rope. After all of the work to have activities for in the house and in the yard, this is how I get treated! I was MAD!! I sent him inside to time out. Bradley was so mad, he peed all over the floor while screaming in the bottom step, "I WANT WATER!!! I WANT MY BATHING SOUP!"

Truly it was a crafting day gone bad. After cleaning up the pee and feeding said two year old, I am relaxing during nap time. No chores for me, just peace and quiet while I read, "Confessions of a Shopaholic." No thinking required until 3ish...


amanda said...

a) clearly i am a dork? but how is it glueless? what is it on?? help!

b) don't you love going through all your teaching stuff and finding good ways to use it!

c) hope you enjoy every ounce of your quiet time - sounds like you deserve it!

Courtney said...

Well there is always tomorrow, maybe he just needs to adjust to a new routine. Love the collage! Confessions of a Shopaholic is a great read. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing predictable about kids is they are “unpredictable”!


Chelle said...

You definitely deserved some peace and quiet, hon. Sometimes I just don't get how after all the fun it can lead to meltdown time?

PS--love the craft project! Too cute!

Amy said...

And so it goes. . .

Be blessed!


Katie said...

I'm hearing ya!! I already feel like it's going to be a LONG summer...and summertime should be fun! I need to start getting creative. :) Let's try to get together lots!!

Lindsay said...

okay love the craft! Sorry Bradley was grumpy 2 year old! We will have to get the 2 of them together!

Amanda said...

Don't you just hate it when the kids are in one of those moods!

Carly said...

You amaze me! B will get a kick out of this post one day and will give his mama a big hug for her efforts!

The Mrs. said...

Oh man have I had those days...even without the crafts!

Christy said...

What a great idea. You are amazing! I need to be more crafty with my kids.