Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Strawberry Sweetness


You know the strawberries are sweet, if they come from a farm as pretty as this...

What a beautiful setting! We packed up Bradley on Saturday morning and headed to our local strawberry farm. We have had so much rain, that they didn't have a ton of strawberries that were ripe. You really had to dig in the plants to find them, but it was really fun. Bradley enjoyed it because it was right on his level, which is great! I have been slacking on my photo taking. We had Bradley's end of the year picnic for preschool last week and I forgot to my camera! I missed pictures for a couple of other occasions this spring. I have been a little out of it! Enjoy!


We grabbed a wagon and a basket and headed out to the strawberry patches. I love this little country road to get down to the farm.




"Mommy, look at my strawberries!"


Inspecting his loot!


This is my favorite photo from the trip. I love the way the strawberry plants look next to Bradley.


Off to find some more strawberry treasures.


We have been eating strawberries in our cereal, as a snack and for dessert! Yummy!


Lindsay said...

oo Clare those strawberries look delicious! My friend Jolanthe posted this strawberry shortcake cookie recipe that I want to try when I get some fresh strawberries from our farm! http://www.noordinarymomentsblog.com/2009/05/strawberry-shortcake-cookies.html

Let me know if you try it :-)!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Oh yummy! We need to go out and do this! It looks like he had so much fun!

I am just catching up on your old posts and I'm sorry there have been some bumps in the road :( Thinking and praying for smoother sailing!

Amy said...

There is nothing better than FRESH PICKED strawberries. They have a taste all their own! The scenery is beautiful. . .not to mention that you are a super photographer! My mom used to take me strawberry picking when I was little. I'm going to have to take the boys! They would love it! Hope you are doing better! Smile!

Be Blessed my friend!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

What a neat place. Those strawberries look amazingly delicious!

Katie said...

We've been trying to plan our strawberry picking excursion for some time now...it looks like this weekend. I think we'll be heading to the same farm. I can't wait!! Hope you're having a great week. :)

amanda said...

oh friend that looks delicious!!!

Krystyn said...

So fun! We set out to do this two weekends ago and when we got to the farm, it was closed because it rained in the morning. We've got to try it again soon.

Jodee Leader said...

How fun! I love strawberries. Have you ever dipped them in cream cheese and marshmallow creme? It's my favorite fruit dip!

Christy said...

You have inspired me! I think we are going to go strawberry picking this weekend!

Amanda said...

I love strawberries and those look great!
I don't know if there is a place near where i stay to pick some. Will have to look into it.

The picutres are great!

Amanda x

Courtney said...

Just stopping by to let you know I have opened my blog. Feel free to stop by!

Carly said...

I wish you could send some of those fresh, delicious strawberrys our way!