Thursday, May 28, 2009

Straight from the Two Year Old's Mouth!


While visiting with family this weekend, Chris and I started telling some funny things that Bradley has said lately. I really wanted to get some of them down in writing before I forget...

"The Woodpecker"

There are a few beautiful woodpeckers in our yard. Bradley and Chris were watching them fly around a few weeks ago. Later that evening my parents came over to visit. Bradley said, "Pop Pop I saw a BIG RED PECKER!" Well, everyone cracked up laughing. Bradley put his hands on his hips and said, "What? I did, I saw a BIG PECKER Pop Pop." At this point everyone was dying laughing. Chris said, "Don't tell anyone else about that son!"

"Goodness Gracious"

Bradley has been doing so awesome with his potty training. We have had hardly any accidents, and I am so proud of him! I guess every time he does a big poopy I started saying "Wow Bradley!! Goodness Gracious, that was a big poopy!!!" Now after he goes, he runs out the bathroom and says, "Mommy come look, I did a gracious poopy. Its gracious!!"

"Ice Cream"

Bradley has really started to love ice cream, and especially when he gets to eat it on a cone. The other night we stopped at Kohr Brothers for a cone. We were sitting on the bench and Bradley took a big lick and said, "Mommy, its delicious!" Chris and I thought this was so funny. Where does he learn these words? Of course after our reaction he kept saying it over and over again to make us proud.

"Rhyming Words"

Bradley has started to play little rhyming games with us. He doesn't know they are rhyming words yet, but he will play along. His favorite books right now are "Green Eggs and Ham" and "A Hunting We Will Go." When I am reading "Green Eggs and Ham" I will say the first part of the sentence and let him fill in the blank with the rhyming word. Such a smarty!! The other night at dinner we were singing "A Hunting We Will Go" and Bradley could remember all of the rhyming pairs from the book. I couldn't believe it! So, Chris said the last pair which is hunting for a brontosaurus, and asked Bradley what we will do with him. He said, "Put him in a chorus." I was totally floored, that is the last page of the book, but how does he even know what a chorus is??

Guess we better watch out what we say...there is always someone listening!!


Lindsay said...

I am still cracking up from the pecker story!!

amanda said...

first honey that is an awesome "action" shot! love it!

sooo funny - out of the mouth of babes! you really do wonder how they put it all together!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Oh how true it is...they hear every word you say - good and bad. Luckily, it sounds like your little one is picking up just the good!

Katie said...

Too cute and funny, Clare! So nice visiting with you both yesterday. Have a great weekend!

OHmommy said...

Oh Clare. That is so sweet. He will appreciate little posts like this. Gracious poopie cracked me up... so funny!

Amanda said...

What a boy!! Never a dull moment with him around lol!

Annmarie said...

The story was so Funny that I heard about "The Big Pecker" in Pennsylvania. LOVE IT!!