Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Sweet Nephew Turns Two!


My cutie nephew Sammy turned two last weekend! He LOVES dogs, so the whole party had a dog theme. My sister made a cute paw print cake, and rolls that looked liked dog biscuits. It was very creative! I missed part of the party since I was at Janna's shower in the morning. I am glad I got there for the cake and presents. Sammy wanted Lindsay to open every gift and wasn't interested in the next present. Of course what did the boys like best after the party ended?? The balloons! I didn't get a great deal of photos, but I got a few cute ones of Sammy!




Off to pack some boxes!


amanda said...

you two girls are sooo lucky to have the boys so close together!!

ps - happy packing :)

Lindsay said...

awww love that first one of Sammy! XOXO Let us know when we can help you guys!

Amanda said...

Glad you found some time off from packing those boxes to post these beautiful pictures!