Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Thousand Word Thursday ~ Bubbles

Cheaper Than Therapy


I actually snapped these pictures a week ago when we were in the middle of some major potty training (hence the potty sitting out on the back deck). I bought Bradley some animal bubble blowers, and they are the best toddler toy! He always loves to blow bubbles, but hasn't mastered how to blow them. These were so easy to use, and fun for him! In all of the pictures Bradley is in his cute!

Thank you for all of the suggestions about potty training at preschool. This morning went really well! I didn't let him have his sippy cup on the way to school, and we went to the bathroom right before school started. He did really well, and didn't have any accidents. Hopefully, this is a pattern and we are officially done with diapers. I would have hated to put him in pull-ups at school, after all of the hard work we have done at home.

In other Bradley news that I have been meaning to blog about...this child just loves to sing! He has been singing, "Old McDonald" all of the time. It is so cute! He just says, "Moo Moo here, Moo Moo here, Moo Moo here, EIEIO" It is hilarious! I keep trying to get some video of these amazing singing skills, but he just wants to look through the view finder of the video camera. So, I have his little voice singing the song, but no picture! Other favorite songs to sing right now are: "The Wheels on the Bus" "Row Your Boat" "Ring Around the Rosey."

He also loves to sing his ABCs. It just makes me smile!! We have been working on the ABCs for a while, and he would only go to the letter G. Well, a few weeks ago he was playing with a leap frog toy, and when the ABC song came on he sang right along. Chris and I were making dinner and just stopped dead in our tracks, because we hadn't ever heard him do that! We started clapping and celebrating! He also loves the show "Super Why" and will run around the house yelling, "SUUUUPER WHYYYY" while singing the ABCs. I really need to get that on video!

It is just so fun to see him getting so independent and wanting to do things by himself. At home, he doesn't want you to come to the bathroom with him. He says, "I go by MYSELF, Mommy." And he does! It is amazing how much they change in just two years!





Amanda said...

Callum loves Super Why too!
Now i have that song in my head LOL!
Bradley is such a cleaver wee boy and is doing just great.

Amanda x

Amanda said...

Clever, that's what i meant to type!!

Ladybird said...

Precious! Kiddos love bubbles! I teach a 3-year-old class at church and this weekend was horrible. I am not sure if it was because the kids were jacked-up on Easter candy or what, but they were so hard to contol....until I pulled out the bubbles. I would blow and if they popped a bubble, they had to say part of the memory verse. Worked like a charm! Bubbles are magic! LOL! Happy ATWT!

Lindsay said...

okay those bubble blowers are so cute!! Sammy just learned to blow a bubble today!! But I still have to hold the want a little because he tries to stick it in his mouth(gross)!

Bradley in the undies is so adorable! Just want to squeeze him!

Can't wait to hear him sing the ABCs and all of his other songs!

Yay for the great day at preschool :-)

Jodee Leader said...

Those are the cutest potty training pictures! I love the bubble blower too! I better get one for Kamree this summer!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Martha (FL) said...

Great bubble shots, and your boy is a sweetie! I bought a BIG bottle of bubbles tonight at Wal-Mart, because I feel like blowing bubbles. My 12 year old just shook her head at me! Happy ATWT

fordfamily said...

What sweet picutes. I have a 2 year old and we are going to start potty training next week! I love the animal blowers! Too cute!

Christy said...

Porgie loves to sing too. It is so cute!

Your little guy is adorable. He looks like he really enjoys bubbles!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

What a cutie. Bubble pictures are always so fun.

Kristen Andrews said...

bubbles are so fun aren't they! Bradley is so cute.

Sarah said...

Great photos! Bubbles are great, so simple but so much fun.

Congrats on the potty training success, we're hoping to see some progress soon on that front here.

The Mom Jen said...

Great bubble shots, what camera do you use?!