Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend Continued...


Sunday afternoon we got home from the beach, unpacked the car, and headed off to Gigi and Pop Pop's house for a wonderful Easter dinner! The boys got out of the car and found the front yard filled with eggs and Easter baskets. Bradley loved looking for the eggs and blowing bubbles outside. The Easter bunny brought him two doggie bubble blowers (a really fun toddler activity if you need one!!). They just squeeze the doggies and out come tons of bubbles! We were wiped out after our beach trip and other Easter celebrations!


I found one!!


Daddy showing Bradley how to work the bubbles!

Yay!! Sammy came to celebrate with us!

Isn't he a cutie, I love those big blue eyes!!

Sammy testing out his doggie


We are finally back to normal this week, back to work and preschool. Unfortuneately Bradley had a hard time with potty training while at school yesterday. He has to ask the teacher to go, and walk down the hallway to the potty. I came to pick him up, and he was wearing different pants. So, I knew that wasn't a good sign. I have been really happy with the little preschool he goes to on Tuesday and Thursday morning, but the potty issue has been a little dissappointing. I felt that they weren't 100% supportive. As soon as I started telling his teachers about his potty training, they told me that a lot of children regress at school even when they are fully potty trained at home. They said they would give him one more day (tomorrow) in underwear and then he might have to go to school in pull ups. I really don't want to do that, I feel like it is confusing to be in a diaper two mornings a week. Thoughts? Suggestions? They said that he kept asking to go to the potty and would do a little bit. But, he just seemed more excited about flushing the potty. So, I'm not sure what to do. My sister suggested bringing in our potty and putting it in the bathroom. I thought that might be a good idea. We'll see how tomorrow goes!


laura said...

oh, i love the boys' little sweater vests! sorry, no advice on potty training . . . we are so not there yet! phew!

Jenny said...

great pics...i too love the sweater vest!
advice on potty training...definitely not there yet...but I would think that the preschool teachers would be a little more supportive...sounds like they might not really want to deal with it...the potty idea sounds good though...

Amanda said...

Now Bradley is in pants i think the pre school should keep with it and give him the support he needs. Just make sure you pack a few changes of clothes in his backpack! He won't want to wear pull ups anymore ~ he's a big boy!

The Easter pictures are lovely.

Amanda x

amanda said...

love the easter pics - sammy and bradley are so lucky to have each other!!

as for the potty training at school - i kinda think the teachers need to be a little better...more asking etc. they should be following his and your lead...good luck!

Lindsay said...

okay those pictures turned out awesome! I am going to steal them from you ;-) XOXO you know my thoughts on the potty issue at the school. ((HUGS))

Susan said...

Great pictures and that doggie bubble blower is so cute.
I think the preschool should do whatever they can to support the potty training process. I didn't use pull ups at all and that would have been a real problem for me if that was the only suggestion. I think when they are first learning and they are playing and such they get wrapped up in what they are doing and don't sense it until they are desperate to go. I would ask if they can set a timer and take him every 45 minutes or whatever is generally a good time frame for him.

Chelle said...

Love the Easter pics--his little outfit is so cute!

I wish I had advice on the potty training issue. I would have to agree with the others...the school should work him! I honestly think he may be confused why he's wearing underwear at home but then at school not. Good luck and keep us posted, sweetie!

Jodee Leader said...

Cute Easter pictures of your boys! Bubbles are a blast!

Tabitha said...

What great pictures ~ the boys are so cute and I love that bubble blower ~ I am mad on bubbles ha ha !
Love and hugs tabitha XXXX

Christy said...

Your little guy looked so handsome in his little outfit:)

The potty training thing is hard. I think diapers at school would be confusing. I am surprised they aren't more supportive. I am sending Porgie to preschool in the fall, and she has to be fully potty trained.

The Mrs. said...

Such cute pics! We are about to start potty training so I have no idea. Need to learn from you! Good luck!