Monday, April 6, 2009

Diaper Free, Four Days and Counting...


I might have to come up with a new title for my blog!?! I thought 'Diapers to Designs' would last a while, because we were hoping to have a few more babies in the next few years. Since I'm not pregnant, we might be renaming this blog!

Little Bradley woke up on Friday and decided he wanted to poopy on the potty!!! I had been putting off the whole potty training issue with preschool, work and all of our other commitments. Well, he must have known it was perfect timing because we have spring break this week and no activities! I decided Friday morning, let's just go for it. He is so excited about it, and I need to follow his lead. So, we have been diaper free for four days (except naps)!!!!! It has been a lot of work, but I really feel like he is getting the hang of it.

What has worked for us:

I set the microwave timer for every 30 minutes, and would ask Bradley to sit on the potty. That seem to be a good time frame.

We started out with him naked and slowly I introduced underwear by Saturday afternoon. It was so warm here this weekend, we played on the deck in undies and a t-shirt. He did great! Today we are now in underwear and pants, and I have stopped asking him if he needs to go. He is telling me!

I ran out on Friday afternoon when Chris was home and bought him a bunch of little goodies from the dollar store. He has gotten to pick from that box when he goes poopy on the potty. He has LOVED this, and is so excited about all of his little toys!!!

He started getting m+ms for each time he went, and I have cut that back to 'Fruit Loops' and today I am slowly weaning him off of the rewards.

Another tip was just having LOTS of things to do around the house. I went into my teaching stuff and we have painted on the easel, played with play-doh, played with 'moon sand', a new t-ball set, golf set, and tons of other stuff to keep him occupied.

Some of the issues we have faced:

We have had a few accidents along the way...yesterday he got in trouble for trying to play with a pair of my scissors. He started crying so hard he wet his pants, and then he was upset about that!!

On Saturday we started to run into some issues with him pooping on the potty. He would look like he was ready to go, and then he would say, "I need my diaper mommy, my bottom hurts!" I think he wasn't letting himself go, and I was worried he would get sick. But, Sunday morning he made up for it, and got over his fear.

TV watching has been put on hold for this whole process. One afternoon we let him watch some Curious George, and he had an accident. He gets in such a trance, that I think he doesn't even realize it!

It has been a ton of work, and someone has had to be with Bradley at all times. He wasn't too predictable in the beginning and a few of the accidents we had were when I wasn't paying 100% attention to him. I am feeling a little more confident today in his ability to get to the potty on his own, but I am worried about getting out of the house. I know we will have more accidents along the way, he is still very young. I am so proud of him!!

I have a bunch of other stuff to blog about this week, I promise I won't just write about potty training (although I'm sure it will come up again!) Thanks for reading about our potty adventures, it is such a process!


Lindsay said...

Yay Bradley! Such a big boy! Aunt Lindsay is so proud of you! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Yay Bradley! Potty training is not the most fun thing but it seems you are and Bradley are handling it very well :)

Chelle said...

Way to go, Bradley! I love all the tips that worked for you--I'll definitely be coming back to this post once Isabella is ready :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Woo hoo! Poop in the potty! My sister is in the process of training her twins. We are doing alot of that sort of cheering around here!

laura said...

Oooh, nice work, Bradley! I am sure he is going to LOVE (hehe!) this post when he looks back on the blog in 10 years! ;)

amanda said...

whooo hooo friend :) what great news!! and i like chelle will be back for the tips when it's beans turn :)

Amanda said...

Well Done!
Don't they look so cute wearing their big boy pants?!

Amanda x

Jodee Leader said...

Way to go, Bradley! It sounds like he is on a roll. We also had "poop prizes" from the Dollar Store for Carson. They were very effective!

Hope you have a great week!

Christy said...

Wow! I haven't even started training Porgie yet.

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

That is super! The whole process sounds exactly like it did with Kyler. We totally skipped the pull ups and went straight to big boy undies. It worked well for us. Kyler didn't want to potty on his Lightning McQueen!

3 Peanuts said...

YAEH Bradley!!! Sounds like you are a natural at this potty training, Clare!