Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Thought I Should Change My Header...


All last week my header really started to bug me! I was thinking it was time to change from the winter header to something a little more springy...is that a word?? But, this weekend proved me wrong! We woke up on Monday morning to the whole neighborhood blanketed in snow. It was absolutely beautiful! Really it is the first big snow we have had since we moved into this house, and I loved it! It was also Bradley's first real snow he has ever seen.


This is a shot of the road in front of our house...gorgeous!


Daddy taking Bradley on a sleigh ride



Snow cuteness, I can't stand it!!!


At some point Bradley pulled out all of his balls, and attempted to kick the soccer ball around in the snow. I guess he thought it wouldn't be any different!


We had to work hard to compact the snow for sledding. It was so fluffy that the sled just got stuck at first. Once we got it going though Bradley loved it!



I definitely feel like I have had my fill of snow between Sunday and Monday. Sunday after our friends headed home from an awesome weekend we headed south to pick up Bradley from Grandma's house. The drive down we hit a little bit of sleet, but really nothing was sticking to the road. Well, after lunch at Grandma's and Bradley's three hour nap we came home a little later than we excepted and the storm was raging!!! It took us over 5 hours to get home, when it is usually a little over 2 hours. We passed 5 or 6 wrecks that blocked the roads, and over 20 cars in ditches. It was the scariest drive to say the least. Unfortunately we had the dogs at home, so we had to come back. We are home and safe, but I was worried the whole trip. What a weekend! Schools are now going back today, so hopefully the rest of the week will be back to normal again. Winters last snow, bring on spring!!+


Lindsay said...

Looks like you guys had a blast in the snow!! We didn't end up making it out into the snow.. Sammy was just to sick. Hopefully the rest of the week is calmer :-)

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

How beautiful the snow makes everything look. And although you have to put layer upon layer upon layer on, it looks like you had a blast playing in the snow, too!

Amy Mikel Waldron said...

Looks like soooo much fun! It get's so cold here in the winter that sledding is hard because the kids can't stay out too long!

Be Blessed,


Amanda said...

I'm glad you all got home safe and sound.
And all of those pictures are just beautiful! Bradley is just the cutest.
Amanda x

Christy said...

On the first day, I love the snow. But it quickly gets old. Especially when trying to lug two babies around!

amanda said...

honey that first snowy picture of your house is amazing!! it should totally be somewhere on the website that lists your house!! who wouldn't want to buy a beautiful snow drenched house!!

Kristen said...

So fun!

Jodee Leader said...

Great snow pictures! Your house looks soooo dreamy in the snow!

Liam's Mom said...

Glad you all soaked up the fun in the snow!

Your property is gorgeous! Some day I want a similar place with lots of trees like that!

The Mrs. said...

I have to say I am not a fan of snow but that is gorgeous!!!!! Glad you made it home safe!

Carly said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! It never snowed that much when we lived in C'ville:(

Lauren said...

These pictures are beautiful. Yall should have sledded over! =)