Sunday, February 1, 2009

Randomness Part IV


1. I used to love watching football in college (I really did!). During the super bowl I mostly enjoy the commercials now. It is hard to really root for a team, when I don't follow them during the season. I know, I'm not one of those fun wives that loves sports I admit it.

2. I am addicted to facebook. I don't update my status often, but I probably check it 3 times a day. I know its horrible! I recently got Chris to join facebook. Apparently all of his ex-girlfriends were waiting for him. They all added him as a friend after the second day. Hilarious.

3. I am trying to stay upbeat in these long winter months. I know that Chris will read this and worry. Things are just blah after December and the holidays. I always tend to struggle this time of the year anyway. We had a fun week last week, with seeing the Cats muscial and the Rascal Flatts concert. I think I am just sad and ready for the weather to change.

4. My parents took Bradley for the morning on Saturday for a little 'date.' They went to lunch and the song "Barbara Ann " was playing. Well, Bradley loved it! He has been singing "Bop, bop, bop" all weekend. That is about as far as he gets, but he is still proud of himself.

5. Bradley uses the ottoman to now climb up on our bed when we are getting ready in the morning. He jumps on the bed, throws off all of the pillows. It is super cute, and annoying at the same time. We are probably starting a bad habit with this, but he is just such a physical kid. He loves it!

6. Chris was giving Bradley a bath in our 'big tub' this week. Bradley was playing around and accidentally turned on the jets. He totally freaked out! He started screaming and throwing his toys out of the tub. Apparently he was screaming, "Daddy, TOYS!!!" He had all of his toys out and had jumped out of the tub before Chris could turn off the jets. He hasn't been interested in taking a bath in there since then.

7. Bradley is talking so much, it is just amazing. I ran into the grocery store this morning after church to pick up some things for a super bowl party. When Chris came back around to pick me up, I jumped in and Bradley said, "Hi Mamacita!!" I didn't think I heard him right, and he said it again. I guess Chris taught him this while they were waiting for me to get out of the store.

8. He is finally interested in talking on the phone. He has always loved the phone, and playing with it is a favorite activity. But, once someone calls he will run away or just stare at the numbers looking confused. Now he has talked to Grandma and Gigi on the phone. He said hi and told them "love you." So sweet!

9. I have been looking for some new activities to do with Bradley. I want to start taking him to story time at the library. There is also a exploration place that has an open studio that sounds fun. I was thinking about signing him up for the little gym this session. I just need to get out of the house, and not always go to the gym or run errands. I want to do some things that Bradley will enjoy too! There just doesn't seem to be enough time to play with him, relax, explore, work out, and still do all of your weekly errands. Finding the balance it just tough! How do other moms find the balance?

10. I am going to post some of my card projects this week! I have been inspired to work on some new stuff. I think I am going to make some boxes and new paper crafts with my stamp clubs. It should be fun!


Stephanie said...

I hear you on the football gig...not so interested in the game, but love the! I hope you had a great weekend and I hope it starts warming up there soon! We need the sunshine:))) Take care hun!

Lindsay said...

Did you mean the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann? I watched the game last was good.. but the commercials were not the greatest. I put the YouTube video of my favorite commercial up this morning.

I am also ready for the winter funk to be over as well!


Carly said...

This is such a fun post! Im addicted to FB too and am struggling with spring fever as well. Hopefully the sun will come out soon:)

Amanda said...

Bradley is so cute driving his car ~ he has that look that my boys do "get out of my way or i'll run you over" LOL!!!
I totally understand about feeling fed up at this time of year. The couple of months after Christmas always seem to drag by.
I hope Bradley is not too afraid and goes into the bath again ~ poor thing!

Lovely post.

Amanda x

amy said...

I hear you on the winter blues Clare...I get them every winter. And I think you do a LOT of fun activities w/ Bradley. You are very creative!

Kellan said...

Mamacita - how darling is that!? He's a little cutie and sounds like a joy to have around!

Spring will be here soon- just hang in there!

Take care - Kellan

Laural Out Loud said...

I love the bathtub story! How cute is it that he wanted to save his toys?!

amanda said...

2. this is why i refuse to even set up an account. i have a hard enough time balancing as is!

3. i always loved winter, but now with the bug, it's not near as fun. can't wait for spring!

6. poor bradley!! silly jets :)

9. wish i had the balance answer. i stress myself over doing things with her that she will enjoy and then just when i think i have something, she goes and plays with a box for thirty minutes!!

love the randomness friend :)

Susan said...

Oh that bath story is too funny. Austin is still afraid of the vacuum at 3 years old. I am sure the bath jets would send him running too.
I feel the same way about winter. The other day we had a sunny 48 degree day and I felt like a new person. Crazy!
The mamacita comment is adorable. I love when they start to really talk.
I am also addicted to facebook and I thought I would never like it. It took me forever to join.
Finding balance is difficult. What I find is that each week I have to do the things that are most important and not worry when some things don't get done. Having little ones is a big, time consuming job and fortunately there are no household police coming around to make sure that we have accomplished every task on the list each week. Don't let it worry you.

CousinFest '09 said...

I'm not sure about that picture of Bradley in his police car---I think we might have a race car driver in the family....or does he already have a case of Road Rage there in the kitchen?


Liam's Mom said...

I love that photo of him in the car. Crinkled noses always melt my heart.

Sounds like you have fun plans for getting out of the house and playing together. That is awesome.