Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Favorite Things Part IV: A Little Bit of Everything

I love sharing my favorite things! I have a little bit of everything on this list, so enjoy:)

As always life just gets so busy, and this week hasn't been any different. I had a doctor's appointment the other morning and missed work. I was in need of a little retail therapy after my appointment, and I ran in to Banana Republic. Here are some of my favorite finds:

They were having a huge sale, and I got this sweater in black! I love it!

I am going to my best friend's thirtieth birthday party this weekend. I am thinking I might wear this shirt. I got it in a beautiful blue. I never wear blue, but I loved the way it looked!

I also got this shirt in this exact color. I love it! So flattering on!

I have read a bunch of really great books lately. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah was amazing! It is a story of two friends and thirty years of their lives. Such a great read, and I spent a few nap times with the phones turned off, wrapped up in blankets on the couch with this book.

I just started reading "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire. It is really different, and the story of the wizard of oz told by the wicked witch's point of view. Very different from anything I have read, and fun so far! I will let you know if it keeps my attention!

Of course everyone is on the "Twilight" phenomenon. I am no different! I have read the first three books, and I am now taking a break. I have the fourth book, but I feel like I need a break from the whole vampire thing for a while. I still think the first book was the best.

I just got this adorable tractor sweater for Bradley, it will probably fit next winter. Gotta love Gymboree, I feel like they always have cute boys clothes.

So I have a confession, I also bought this set of onesies from Gymborees new baby line. I just feel in love with them when I saw them. They say 'pumpkin,' 'sweet pea,' and other adorable phrases. I will probably end up giving them at a baby shower for one of my sweet pregnant friends. But, secretly I want to hold on to them for the baby I hope we have someday. I guess little things like this help to keep the hope alive.

water fun 08

I have kept busy learning how to digitally scrapbook! I had really wanted to make some pages from our trips to the beach this summer. I bought this adorable beach kit and I threw these few pages together. What do you think? I didn't do anything special, I am still learning a lot about the program. But, it has been fun and so easy to scrapbook digitally!

beach babe

beach chair

bradley in the sand


Tabitha said...

Retail therapy always cheers me up too!
I just love the things that you bought ~ I could do with a sweater like that here at the moment!
love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX

The Taylor Family said...

I look up to you so have style, grace, and so much love to give! I love all your faves!

Lindsay said...

oo You got some cute clothes while you were shopping :-)! I love that sweater vest you got Bradley!!

amanda said...

love all the retail therapy! you found some great stuff :)

and i totally just requested firefly lane from the library - can't wait to read it!

love all the scrapbook pages - yay for you!!

Jennifer said...

Cute! Shabby Miss Jenn is my favorite designer!!! Love the beach pages! Oh, and I love the musical Wicked-I think you'll love the book!

Candy said...


get it away!!!

get it away!!!

I'm a sucker for sales!!


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Great finds! Love the digital scrapbooking-they look fab!

Have you read Confessions of a Shopaholic? (Not because I think you are one by the way) It is hilarious. You might like it. I laughed through most of the book!

Amanda said...

I love all of the clothes that you bought and would wear them all myself! You will look great in them.
We used to have the Gymboree shop over here and i loved it too ~ i bought alot from there. I don't know why but they all closed down:(
I will have to check out the books you are reading, especially the one about the Wizard Of Oz ~ sounds an interesting read.

Great Post!

Amanda x

kel said...

are you using I love that site!!!

And I am loving that shirt with the tie in front!!

Katie said...

I LOVE reading about all your favorite definitely have style!!
Maybe I can borrow Firefly's sounds great!
Hope to see you soon.
Love ya!

The Mrs. said...

Love that green shirt!!!

Laural Out Loud said...

You got some really awesome shirts from BR! It's always such a coup to get nice things on sale.

Gymboree is one of my favorite places to buy clothes for boys. They also have major sales that I love.

Great stuff!

Martha said...

Retail therapy is always great! I've been doing a little lately too - a new laptop and last week some great new smashbox cosmetics! You scrapbook pages are great. I'm retiring soon (for a few months at least) and hope to have some free time to pursue! I will have to check out Wicked!