Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sticker Mania


Ever since Bradley's birthday, he has become obsessed with stickers. Chris took these photos the other day when he snuck up on Bradley in the kitchen. I guess it is my fault, because the Elmo bag is full of all of the leftover stickers from the party. He carries it around the house and then goes to town. It is so funny what they get excited about! Isn't it?

Then if you aren't careful you will find yourself covered with stickers too. My parents came over the other night and Chris had about 5 stickers on his face. He had totally forgotten about them, until my parents looked at him in confusion. Oh, the things we will do to make our kids happy!

Why not on the feet? It seems like as good of a place as anywhere!
Uh-Oh! The problem with 'sticker mania' is that you now find stickers in places you shouldn't. On the good wood funiture and on the tile floor just to name a few!

How can you tell this cute face to stop? It is just so hard to be upset with him!

Have a great Monday!


Jodee Leader said...

What a hoot! These pictures are hilarious! We love stickers too!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Hahaha! Too cute. I would much rather the stickers be all over my child as opposed to all over my furniture!

Amanda said...

LOL! It can be so hard peeling them of the furniture, I know! ~ But you are right, who could be upset with a cute face like that!
Amanda x

Amanda said...

And forgot to say i love your new look ~ wish i was as creative.
Amanda x

Lindsay said...

Adorable pictures!! At least its not those sticker earrings.. remember those? Give Bradley a squeeze from us!

Annmarie said...

Clare, I love the new look on the Blog!! Great job!! And Bradley, of course, is a sweet-pie! :) The picture of him on the top of the Blog . . . is a little boy . . .not a baby anymore. I'm sorry, I know that makes you sad.
love ya xoxox

amanda said...

oh stickers...brings back such fun memories :)

and you are right - he can stick them anywhere. he's too darn cute to get in trouble!

Christy said...

When Porgie requests stickers, I give her a few pieces of tape. Just a helpful suggestion in case you ever run out of his beloved stickers.

Liam's Mom said...

He needs a carpeted room with no wood furnature. ;)

He is so adorable. Liam still has a hard time getting the stickers OFF the paper they come on. Kudos to Bradley's dexterity!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that is such a fun stage:)

Krystyn said...

Oh, the stickers...they totally end up EVERY where!

I have pictures of Izzy doing this very thing!

Jennifer said...

Landree is obsessed with stickers too!!!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Oh honey, we have sticker days here too! The worst part is finding them in the washer and dryer! What a fabulous way to keep them entertained for a bit though!

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