Thursday, January 8, 2009

Out and About


After a holiday spent with lots of family and a few sicknesses this week has been so busy! We have definitely been out and about, three different playdates, trips to the grocery store, preschool, work, just to name a few of our outings. Bradley has done really well getting back into a routine this week, I think it has actually been good for everyone. Now that we are feeling better it has been nice to spend time with friends and just catch up!

I am taking on a lot more responsibilities at work this week too. I am currently working as a part time English as a Second Language teacher on Tuesday and Thursday mornings while Bradley is in preschool. It has been the perfect fit for our family this year. Most of the fall I assisted the reading specialist with different phonics/reading activities for four kindergarten classes. The teacher I am working with is gearing up for mid year assessments. So, she asked me to step in and take over some of our lessons. I found myself down in the basement pulling out and digging through all of my teaching bins. It is so fun to look through all of my old supplies, but it also makes me sad. I just can't believe the amount of time, money and energy is just sitting down there in the basement. I found myself pulling out stuff and forgetting what exactly I had used it for or where it went in my classroom. For those of you who ever saw my classrooms, they were extremely organized and full of child generated work. I was a big believer in, if I was going to hang it on my walls, my students had to make it. I hated to see rooms filled with tons of meaningless posters that talked about nouns and verbs and stuff that the kids never looked at during the year. I digress...anyway, I did a lesson today with the book, "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. It is a wonderful story for kids, and she has an amazing website full of activities to do with your kids. There are puppets that the kids used today to act out the story. We just got two new children from Afganistan, and it is so neat to see them getting comfortable in the classroom. They even participated in our play of "The Mitten" this morning. Well, that is what's going on with me right now:)

I uploaded some of my favorite pictures from the holiday break. Two of them are Bradley wearing Daddy's hat. That is a new favorite thing to do right now! He will put on his hat and then work with all of his new tools he got for Christmas. Chris takes him to a lot of his jobs and Bradley is infatuated with tools, diggers, machines, or basically anything having to do with Daddy. He has now started getting in his new police car and telling everyone that he is going to work. So cute!


One of the weekends over the holiday it was beautiful here. So, my sister came over to visit and we decided to take the kids to the park. With my new camera in hand I was a picture taking fool! I went crazy when the boys were in the swings, but I actually got quite a few pictures that I think turned out wonderful! It is amazing the difference in the quality with my new camera. Hopefully some camera classes will help me get even better!








This is one of my favorite pictures of the day.

I just love the way the sun is shining in the background.







This is another one of my favorite pictures!

I love the way Sammy is up close and Tim is blurry in the background!



This weekend we are heading up to Wintergreen with some friends. They have a house up on the mountain, and have invited us for the weekend. I bought Bradley some snow bibs and snow boots this week, so we are all set! I can't wait to see him playing in the snow. It will really be his first time, I don't think he remembers the snow from last year. Have a wonderful weekend!


The Wolfepack said...

Clare! I love that you are blogging. I am too... trying to break into that crafty SAHM niche. Your son is a sweetie - your pictures are great. You'll have to check us out and I'll be sure to give you some link love on The Wolfepack. ;) Cheers!

Laural Out Loud said...

Look at that gorgeous little boy! Such a sweatheart. Glad he's settling back into a schedule so nicely.

I LOVE The Mitten! It's one of Gabi's favorite books, too. I love how the sides of the pictures tell a different part of the story, especially the right side taht shows what's to come next. I've always had a heart for all things Scandinavian (I'm Irish/English, so go figure).

Jodee Leader said...

These pictures are fabulous! I especially love the swing ones! It sounds like you are keeping busy but having fun too!

I can't wait to see the snow pictures!

Stephanie said...

Hey Clare,

How are you? Bradley is getting so big and what a handsome little guy he is. Well hun I hope you had a great Christmas...Happy New Years! Take care:)

Amanda said...

What an absolutley lovely little boy!
Those are all just wonderful pictures ~ i especially like the one of Bradley and Sammy on the swing together (looking at each other) ~ it looks like they are both having a blast!
It's good having a break from the routine ~ but it's nice getting back into a routine too!

Amanda x

Lindsay said...

oo glad you got to make your own lesson plan. Sounds like you had fun! I am loving the park pictures you did a great job! I hope you guys have fun this weekend!

Carly said...

Love the pics on the swings! You are getting really good with your new camera! Have a fun and safe trip this weekend and as always, take lots of pics:)

Mc Allen said...

well you are very talented with the cameraa!! These pics ae great!! It sounds like your off for a fun weekend, ope you have a great time!! cant wait to see the pics! ♥ LA

Don Mills Diva said...

What beautiful photos - I'm so jealous that you can play outside like that - there's currently 10 feet of snow in my backyard.

Amy said...

I'm totally thinking that the pictures could be used in a magazine or childrens catalog! I LOVE B's coat! So hip!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

Heather said...

Great pictures. I love the first one with the kids on the swing. The sunflare is awesome. Good job!

Liam's Mom said...

Sorry you've dealt with illness. It's so hard when your baby is snotty and not feeling 100%. Sounds like the same holiday weeks we had last year. Liam's snot started on Christmas and didn't end until April when we discovered he had mild allergies. Sad, huh?

I love your new camera! I am so jealous of these beautiful clear shots! I love Bradley's quilted coat and his courage on the swing. For some reason Liam is a coward when it comes to swinging high.

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