Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mommy and Me Time


We have been stuck inside with lots of snow and ice. I really didn't want Bradley to be watching "George" all day, so I looked up some games and got creative.

We played "hide the duck" for a good 30 minutes. I hid one of his rubber duckies under a cup. He would try to guess which cup was hiding duckie. Even when he got it wrong, and finally figured it out he loved this game!

Then we played, "Guess what is in the bag?" for a long time too! I would hide different things inside of the pillow case and he would reach his hand inside and try and guess what it was. He would just squeel when we pulled the item out. It almost made the toys more exciting too, because then he just wanted to play with them.


These are some of the pictures I captured when we were "Dancing" as Bradley would say. It is amazing how much fun a few scarves and some Raffi can be?? It also got Bradley running around the house. When he was ready for his nap, we walked past the pile of scarves and he said, "Night-night dance." It was the cutest thing ever!!



Just so you can get the full effect, this is really what scarf dancing looked like in person!


I admit it, I don't like to get out the paint and make a mess. Even all of the early childhood knowledge in me, and I still haven't pulled out the finger paints that have been in the cabinet since Bradley was 10 months old. I figured, today was the day! We stripped down, pulled out huge pieces of paper and went to town. After a few masterpieces were completed he started painting himself. I think he thought that was more fun than actual painting.




After all of the painting we took a long bath in mommy and daddy's BIG tub. It was a fun morning for both of us!

I will confess that it is hard for me to forget about all of the chores and just play sometimes. So, it was just nice to hang out and not worry about the list of things that need to be done. I will keep working on letting some stuff go, because these moments are so special!


Christy said...

I always avoid paint too. Just too much clean-up. Looks like you guys had a fun day:)

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun day! I love the paint pictures!

Amanda said...

What a great day you both had together! I love the dancing picture, it's great!
Kids always get into such a mess with paint ~ it gets everywhere, except on the paper!!
Amanda x

Lindsay said...

Love the pictures and the activities! I need to think of some more things to do as well! We have been play/eating lots of playdough and coloring.. I think I need to bust out some paints as well :-)

Carly said...

You are a great mommy! I have yet to brave the paint. Its 60 in GA today, I want some snow pics:)

Stephanie said...

How bad is the weather back home? My inlaws in Kentucky aren't doing so well with the ice storm that has come in:( You all look like your having a great despite the weather. I hope all is well. Take care hun:)))

Krystyn said...

That looks like a great day. You came up with some great ideas!

Tabitha said...

Looks like you both had such fun ~ like you said ~ these moments are just priceless,
love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX

Annmarie said...


Clare, keep up the great job you're doing!! Bradley will have so many great memories of your times together and you'll never remember about the "chores" that didn't get done that day!!!
love ya tons!!

3 Peanuts said...

Sounds like you were super creative:)