Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Look Back in 2008

Happy New Year! It is so hard to believe that it is 2009, time is flying by! I just want to pinch myself and keep Bradley little. I really try to cherish all of my 'mommy' moments with him. As I looked through many of my favorite pictures from 2008, I feel so blessed. We have had a year with two engagements, two weddings, time spent with friends and vacations to the beach. We are so lucky!

Here are some of my favorite moments from 2008:

Bradley's first snowfall! He is 13 months old in this picture. This was taken about four steps before he fell smack down in the snow and wasn't a happy camper. We haven't had any snow so far this winter, but I am hoping for some in January! All Bradley talks about is snowmen and I am sure he is wondering exactly what one is!

Cabin Fever! This was taken in February, and we were stuck inside the house one weekend with a cold. Chris had tied a rope to this huggies box, and spent a good portion of the morning dragging Bradley around. This picture is actually from my very FIRST blog post! I can't believe how many posts I have done since then, and how many awesome bloggers I have met throughout this year!

Spring is here! I posted about our little town many times over the past year. This is one of my favorite water features that Bradley loves! I love this picture and Bradley's shadow on the ground.

We have played at more parks this year than I can count! There are so many wonderful parks and playgrounds in our town, and we have explored most of them. You can see more from our day at the park here.

I couldn't look back on 2008 without including some pictures of my favorite nephew, Sammy. It has been so magical to watch these two cousins become such buddies over the past year. We especially noticed over Christmas how much fun they had together. Bradley wanted to make sure Sammy was OK, and got to play with his toys. He even let Sammy ride in his new police car. If that isn't sharing I don't know what is!

We have spent MANY hours at my parents house at the lake this year. Here is a picture of the boys wading out into the water. What cuties!

So much of this summer was spent in the sun! I absolutely love this picture of Bradley shouting at the water park at the pool! It just makes me smile!

This summer was great, because I even got a few little "mommy vacations." This picture is from visiting with Kristin and Janna this July. We had a blast drinking wine and talking. Even the best mommies need a little mommy vaca every once in a while!

More fun in the sun! This is one of my favorite pictures from this summer. I put it in a post about 'Summer Days.' I love the shadows of the trees, and Bradley's adorable outfit.

Shawn and Rebecca got engaged this January! We are so happy for them, and can't wait for their wedding in 2009! Here is the cute couple at the engagement party this fall.

I had to include a picture with Bradley and Daddy.
I love this one of the two of them picking apples this fall.

We had two trips to the beach this year. This picture is from our Myrtle Beach trip with our family. It was a wonderful get away and Bradley truly enjoyed the water! Amazing memories!

This year hasn't always been a walk in the park on the parenting front. We have faced many new challenges with Bradley. We are learning to set limits, enforce rules and habits that will hopefully help us in the long run with raising him. Some of my favorite moments have been when he is trying to get out of 'time out.' He definitely knows how to put on an act!

Bradley loves the outdoors, and I have found a new love for photographs. With my new camera in hand, I will head into 2009 with an eye for capturing the moments. Bradley has started saying, "Mommy's camera, CHEEESE!" Not sure if that is a good thing, but he seems to tolerate my picture taking!

Last, but certainly not least is sweet Kim and her amazing wedding to Adam just a few weeks ago! They are heading off to their honeymoon tomorrow. I am so jealous!
I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and I hope all of your dreams come true in 2009!


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

What a wonderful year! It goes by so fast doesn't it! Bradley seriously gets more handsome every day! I think you guys need to move to KS so that Ella and Bradley can live happily every after:)

Amy Waldron said...

Bradley is just adorable! I really amazes me just how fast time seems to go by when you are enjoying life! Many blessings to you and the family in 2009! Can't wait to see what the new year brings to all of my new friends!

Be Blessed in 2009!


3 Peanuts said...

Hi Clare~

Happy New Year! I have not been here in a few weeks as we have been SO busy! So much to comment on...the wedding looked like it was beautiful and fun, LOVE your Christmas table so pretty. I enjoyed your fave pictures from 2008. Looks like things are going very well. Hope Bradley get some snow soon:)


Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

What a great year you had. Here's to 2009!

Lindsay said...

awww love all of these photos. I can't believe how close the boys have gotten in the last month! Just think what the summer will be like this year! I think Dad(Pop Pop) had his eye on some toddler skis. ;-)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

What a great recap to a fantastic year!

Happy New Year Clare!

Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed the trip down memory lane! Bradley has grown sooo much the last year!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Kristen Andrews said...

great pics Claire! Happy New Year!

The Mrs. said...

What a great year! I know 2009 will be even better!