Saturday, January 3, 2009

Goals for 2009

As I look into the new year, I am excited with the possibilities for our family! We have spent such a wonderful holiday together with friends and family. There are a number of things I would like to accomplish in the new year. None of these things are really resolutions, just more goals for me and my family to try and explore!

1. Cooking and eating at home more. This fall we made a huge goal to eat at home more, and actually eat leftovers to make our lives more simple. I am one of those people that I will put everything in Tupperware with the best of intentions and then just throw it out a week later. I started planning out our meals for the entire month, and that really seemed to help us keep on track. I try to cook extra of stuff so that we have it easy the next night. It seems to be working, so I am going to keep trying to do that! I also organized all of my recipes in an excel spreadsheet and I have found that really helpful to refer back to our favorites!

2. Spending time with Chris is so important. We have our big Rascal Flatts concert this month, so I hope we can take time to do stuff every few weeks together on our own. We have been really good about this last year, so I hope we can keep it up!

3. Speaking of Chris, I know he has some goals too and I want to make sure they happen! He really wants to start hunting again in our area. He even brought home two of his guns from his mom's house over thanksgiving. I wasn't very happy about that, I have always said we would NEVER have guns in our house. But, we agreed that if he got a gun safe and locked them up that it was OK. So, my parents bought him a gun safe for Christmas. We are all set, now he just needs to find the time and make it happen! I am going to try and help him schedule some time to do this for himself. I know he would love to have Shawn come down to hunt with him! (hint, hint Shawn!)

4. Taking more 'mini-breaks' with the whole family. Now that Bradley is getting older, and so much more predictable (well kind of), we wanted to start taking him on weekend trips. We have already planned a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium with friends in February. And we are hoping to visit Kim and Adam this spring for a trip to the Washington Zoo. I hope we can keep the momentum going, and try to get somewhere each month. I know it is really fun for Bradley, but just great for our whole family to get out of the house, especially this winter. I don't particularly like January and February too much.

5. Fitness Front! I have always seemed to like working out, and enjoyed it. If you are ever interested I will have to tell you how I lost 65 lbs. after Bradley was born. But, that is a whole different post! Unfortunately in the past three months I have been on different medications that aren't so easy on the hips. So, I am trying to just continue what I have been doing, but with some extra motivation. I got Kim and my friend Cali signed up for a 10K in Richmond this March, and I am hoping that it will be a good goal. I used to run in lots of races right out of college, and I even ran in a half marathon. It is fun to get back into running again!

6. Photography has recently become a passion of mine. I have always enjoyed pictures and I usually do a good job with ordering them and keeping them organized. But, since I have my new camera, I really want to learn more about photography. I already looked up a Digital SLR photo class at our local community college this spring. I think I am going to sign up for it! I really got our camera to replace going to the professional photographer all of the time. In the past year, every time we have gone Bradley has had a total meltdown and I don't like the pictures. This camera was our solution to that, and I want to make the best of it!

7. This may sound like a weird goal, but I really want to get better at writing little notes and cards to my friends. Over the holiday I actually took all of the extra supplies from my card classes this fall and made over 60 different birthday, thinking of you, and thank you cards. I really want to put all of them to good use, and make sure that I write my friends little notes now and then. I already have a list of cards I want to send out this upcoming week.

8. Digital scrapbooking is something I would love to get started in. I have downloaded the lumapix program, and tried to do a couple of layouts. But, that is about as far as I have gotten. I want to read more of the information and try to start doing at least a few pages of digital scrapbooking a month. I know that the paper version will just never get done. And, I love being able to manipulate the pictures easily. We'll see how it goes!

9. House projects are always big on the to do list each year. This year we were actually thinking of putting the house on the market in March (depending on how things look in the next few months). We love our house, but we really would like to live in town. The school system isn't the greatest, and I don't know that we would be able to swing private school. We aren't 100% on what we will decide, but in the next few years we will probably be making a move.

10. This isn't really a goal, but it just a dream of mine for 2009. I hope that we are finally able to get pregnant. It has been such a long journey this year and almost a secret struggle that we have faced as a family. I did touch on it once in a post about living more, planning less. Since that post in October we have been a number of doctor's visits and haven't had much luck with anything quite yet. This struggle has been particularly frustrating since we conceived Bradley the first month we started trying. The doctors seem to think that between pregnancy and nursing my hormones levels are off. Over the holidays we had another failed cycle that was particularly hard. This month we have an appointment with some specialists in our town. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue on this journey. 100th post is quickly approaching! I would love to answer questions from some of my readers. Please email me with questions or leave them in the comment section! XO


Lindsay said...

Clare those look like great goals for the year!! I am excited for you to take the photography class I think you would do excellent in it. I am sure you can find some cute subjects to photograph :-). I will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers. HUGS and Kisses!

Jaime said...

Very good goals. I hope this year brings you all the happiness your family deserves!

Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed reading your list of goals. We try to eat at home most of the time and we love eating leftovers too! I am soooo hoping you get pregnant this year! I know Bradley would be a great big brother!

Also, thanks so much for the Christmas card. It arrived today. It was so cute and you are so talented!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I loved your goals and the thoughts you put into them. I esp. hope your last goal comes true for '09 :)

Susan said...

Those all seem like great goals and dreams. I wish you much success in accomplishing them and sticking to your plan. I will keep you in my prayers on that last one. I can't imagine how hard, emotional and frustrating that must be.

Julie, the mama said...

Clare - Hi, I'm Carly's sister.

I love your goal list, and felt I could just copy and paste most of those on my own blog!

Are you going to Dr. Williams in C'ville for fertility? That is who I went to with my son and loved him. I've had to do fertility with both kids, so I totally know how you feel. Every month that you don't conceive is just horrible. But I can tell you that the second you get that positive test, all of the sadness goes away in an instant.

We won't be at church tomorrow (the baby is sick), but should be back next week.

Would love to get together with you and Bradley.

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Great goals!!! Love your blog!!

Katie said...

I love this post! And it got me thinking about my goals and wishes for the new year...and a lot of them are the same as yours. I just know that prayers will be answered in 2009. God is good!
Love you!!

Amanda said...

I have just come over from Lisa's blog and if you don't mind, i'd love to come back. It is beautiful here.
Good luck with your goals and all the best for 2009!
Amanda x

Epicurean Critic said...

I enjoyed reading your goals and I wish you and Chris all the best in 2009. I would love it if sometime soon we can plan a date to catch up. Miss you! I am trying to get back into running, too and am planning to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler while raising money for charity. If you ever want to sign up to run a race together, let me know!
Love, Allyson

Carly said...

We are friends for a reason...I, too, share many of the same goals for 2009! I will continue to pray that you and Chris are able to welcome a healthy baby to your family in the coming months. I would also love, love, love to know how you shed your 65 pounds after pregnancy! I gained 60 pounds too and am still hanging on to the last 10!!!! Im thinking a gym membership is a must for the new year! Love and miss you bunches!!!

Christy said...

I hope you accomplish all of your goals. I really need to sit down and think about my goals for 2009.

OHmommy said...

Your list sounds so much like mine, except for the prego part.

I need to start being better about my left overs and I too JUST signed up for a photography course. I am so excited.

Kristen Andrews said...

those are great goals!

Laura said...

I love your goals! Wishing you all of them and then some DREAMS in '09!!

CMG's Mom said...

Hugs hon on the "trying" front...if I can help in any way, let me know. I've seen all those specialists and probably had all the tests they offer! If you need to bounce any ideas or have any questions let me know...Hang in there...

amanda said...

yay for goals and a new year!

there is something so great about the beginning of a new really does feel like a fresh start :)

Heather said...

I love your goals. I have a goal to write friends and family more too.

Here's to a great year!