Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day Has Me Thinking...

With tomorrow being the big turkey day and all I thought I would jot down some of my most precious things to be thankful for...and some fun stuff too:)

1. The first thankful thing must be my magnificent husband who is always home early (when he can be)...sending me off to work out at the gym in peace or to a much needed solo trip to Barnes and Noble. Chris you are such an amazing husband you do the sweetest gestures big and little. From helping me fold laundry, putting the baby to bed, to going to work every day for our family. I love you!

2. The second is in a close race with number one, but that cutie pie Bradley that just makes me feel so thankful this holiday season! I took the shot above in the bath tub this weekend. You are so full of energy and new words that just make us while shopping you grabbed my hand and said, "CAR coming!!" before we walked into the street. I guess I have said that a million times to you! You had Daddy and I in stitches when you figured out to push your high chair next to the coach in the breakfast room. You climbed on the coach and into the chair, oh the joys of raising boys!

3. All of our wonderful family near and far...they never fail to check in regularly by phone or email, always keeping in touch and wanting to be a part of Bradley's life. We are so happy to see Chris's brother and sister getting married in the next few months. What a blessing to add more members to our family!!

4. Our material gifts...I know it is sad to say, but in this economy I feel so thankful to be at home with my son, living in our beautiful house, and he has more than enough toys, clothes, and food to fill his little belly! I really need to refer back to #1 when thinking about all that we have, we are so lucky!

5. Enough with the gooshy stuff...what else am I thankful for this turkey day??

Well...books is right up there on my list! I just finished The Last Lecture (WONDERFUL!!) and Twilight. Totally opposite books, but I just love to read and it takes me to another place. I totally forget about all of the chores and things to do and just relax.

6. My Tivo, I know another embarrassing, but a sad truth! I hate staying up to watch TV sometimes, and I just love to Tivo my favorite shows. What is on my list right now?? Oprah (always), The Hills (another sad but true, i love L.C.), Top Chef, Project Runway, Lipstick Jungle, Survivor (I don't know why, but I can't get enough of this show!), Privledged, Private Practice...Ok, I am making myself sad, because I think there are even more shows!! But, I love to watch my tivod TV and work on some cards. Crafty dork that I am!!!

7. Target, you always make me so happy!! I can go in and find things from Bradley's clothes to picture frames. It always has what it is on my list (and more stuff too), and it is always organized and stocked up. I love to be organized...speaking of which leads me to #8

8. My Franklin Covey Day Timer, this little puppy has been with me for years. It has every one's birthday written down, and I even love all of the little notes that I pass over from year to year...Nov. 18th 2007 = Bradley's first steps...reading that can brighten up any week!

9. Holiday Activities, This week has been so fun! We have pulled out a bunch of Christmas stuff already. We decided to decorate early, because we wanted to have a few things up before Bradley's birthday party. Yesterday was so fun, we turned on a holiday station and pulled out all of the Today we went around town taking care of some of our holiday shopping, we visited Santa at the mall, fun times!

10. My job, I started working again part time this year. It has been a wonderful fit for our family, and has brought me a lot of joy at the same time. I am working with very poor refugee kids and families at a city school in our town. Nothing will make you feel more blessed and thankful this holiday season than giving back to those with less.

Happy Turkey Day!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cousin Cuteness

This weekend was crazy with TWO toddlers in the house! We watched my nephew, Sammy for the weekend while my sister and her hubby went away for the first time! I am so glad they got some time together!

Some things I learned from watching TWO children under TWO:
1. They don't outnumber you and your hubby...which is a good thing!

2. Changing two rounds of diapers, well, I can't think of anything worse!

2. There is a reason that children cannot be born so close in age. We took them to the local children's museum and they had a BLAST! But, Chris and I were about to lose our minds trying to keep up with both of the boys and their short attention spans.

3. I LOVE TV! We only watched one movie per day, but it was bliss! (I always thought I would be the mom that didn't let her kids watch any TV, my how things have changed!) This was the only time the whole weekend that I could get both of them in a picture together...besides the bathtub:)

4. Bradley would be a WONDERFUL brother! He asked for Sammy constantly, showed him all of his toys, and they ran around the house chasing each other and giggling. It was music to my ears, their little feet padding around the house in their footie pjs! Bradley even continued to talk and ask about Sammy on Monday..."Where's Sammy, Sammy Bye, Bye"

5. I am definitely ready to have more children....

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday~ Stages of Time Out

Cheaper Than Therapy

Bradley woke up from his nap on the wrong side of the crib. After a fit about which snack to eat, he decided to throw it down on the ground. I told him if he threw again he was going to time out...well he went there anyway. I know this probably doesn't reinforce not throwing, but I couldn't help but snap some photos of Bradley in time out...

Stage One: Disbelief

"Oh Man!! She sent me here again!"

Stage Two: Distraction
"Maybe I can distract her by pointing to the dog??"

Stage Three: Pity Party

"Hopefully if I start crying I can get up??"

Stage Four: Full Blown Pity Party!!
"Now I will really cry to get out of this!!"

Stage Five: Boredom
"I found this book, this might entertain me..."

Stage Six: Cuteness
Enough Said!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is What I Know

I stopped by to visit my friend Lauren today who is pregnant with her third child. Her due date is December 9th...and seeing her just got me thinking. I was just like her, anxiously awaiting this little winter baby just a few short years ago. Unlike Lauren I was a new Mommy and didn't know what to expect. Just visiting with Lauren got me thinking about how much I didn't know then, and what I "think" I know now:)

I didn't know that every time you cried it would literally make my heart ache.

That your sweet laughter would give me such a Mommy 'high' that I would do the silliest things just to hear it again.

You and your schedule would totally rule our lives for the first year...who am I kidding nap time STILL rules our house. I guess I am a little more sane if you are well rested.

I didn't know how much you would thrive on a routine. If we deviate there will be a disaster waiting. If we decide to be lazy and not get dressed on the weekend, you will NOT want to get dressed the next day. We must keep things the same, life is easier that way!

I didn't know how much I could love one person. I know I have read about loving your child and what it would be like. But there are no words.

I didn't know that leaving you was so hard. Even this weekend, in the mist of all of the bachelorette fun, I thought of you thousands of times. I only called daddy about four times, so I am making small improvements.

In two years I have really gotten to know you and your sweet personality. I know that recently you love trucks and cars, but most especially you love "FIRE trucks!" You scream when you see one in the car. "FIRE truck Mommy!!!"

I know you love the magna doodle. You especially love it when Daddy draws you detailed pictures of cars, trucks, and buses. You will admire them for a minute, and then quickly erase them...saying, "Bye Bye Bus...Daddy color bus peas.." It is the cutest little exchange, and it warms my heart!

I know you love to say goodnight to everything in your room before naptime or bedtime. Your sweet little voice says, "Night, night bath, night, night Hershey, night, night books..." You go on and on. Every day there are different things you say good night to, but it is the cutest thing ever!!

I know how much you love to fill things up and push them around the house. Your favorite thing to fill up is our laundry baskets. You will fill them with random clothes, books, toys, and push them all around our room while I get ready in the morning. You have been playing this game since you could cruise (at nine months), but you never seem to tire of it.

I know how much you love to go swimming at the heated pool at the gym. This is our new weekly ritual. On Wednesday mornings I will go to cycle class, and pick you up afterwards. We will change into our bathing suits and go for a dip in the pool. It is so relaxing for me, and you LOVE it!! You are starting to float on your back in the water, and jump off the side without holding my hands. The only problem is every time I go to the gym you say, "Simm mommy, simm?" How can you deny that little cute voice?

I know how much you love to sleep with all of your stuffed animals. Currently monkey, cow, Hershey, and elephant must be in the bed with you for sleep to happen. You will communicate through your animals, and it is so cute. "Mommy, monkey night, night, k?"

I didn't know how fast time would go from that screaming newborn to this adorable toddler. But, it has flown. I know that I love you more than words and bigger than I can express. You are the light of my eyes and the reason to get up every morning. Just keep being YOU, because I love every piece of you!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Looking Fine and Drinking Wine...Again!

What an amazing weekend....I am totally exhausted!! Early this summer I helped put together a bachelorette party for my best friend. Well this weekend I hosted 15 of my sister in law's best friends for a wine tasting, bar hopping weekend. I used a lot of the same ideas from the summer, including our t-shirts that said, "Looking Fine and Drinking Wine."

It is so fun to be the host, and so much work! I know that Kim had a blast spending time with friends and having everyone together. Everyone arrived on Friday, and I had chicken tortilla soup on the stove. The recipe is wonderful (everyone was asking for it). But, I can't take the credit I got it from my friend Kim at 3 peanuts. I have had it at her house and it is great for a large group or just your family. It was perfect since people were arriving at different times. I also made an AWESOME pumpkin dip that was a huge hit. We ate that the whole weekend (breakfast, lunch, and dinner!) Can you tell we ate a lot this weekend?

We went to three different wineries on Saturday. They were so fun! The best part was the transportation. It was a "hooptie" bus, basically an old school bus painted blue. The second winery we went to was very classy, and it was hilarious arriving on our bus with forty people staring at us. (They were getting a tour of the winery). You should of seen the look on their faces when the huge bus doors swung open and a ton of girls in matching shirts hop off the back of the bus. What a sight!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend!

I love you Kim, and I loved hanging out with all of your friends!

Our "Hooptie" Bus!

Everybody lined up for a tasting!

Some of the girls on the hooptie bus, the ventilation was a little windy...

Me and Mary

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday~ Fall Tailgating!!!

Cheaper Than Therapy

We live in a college town got some free tickets to the football game. This isn't where Chris and I went to school (GOOO HOKIES!!), but it is a great school. It turned into a wonderful time since my good friends Janna and Karen were coming down to the game with their hubby and boyfriend! After tailgating and drinking some beer we headed back to the house to relax. It was perfect! I love the pictures with the fall leaves and the stadium in the background.

Love you Janna, thanks for my 'gift' yesterday, hehe!

For more thousand word thursdays visit Jen!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Favorite Things Part II and Bloggy Awards!

YAY! More bloggy bling! Chelle from Creative Mama gave me this fabulous bloggy award today! Thank you Celle! I was going to do another post on my favorite perfect! To receive this award you have to name your five addictions, this should be fun!

The rules of this award are:

1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.

2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.

3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.

Here are 5 of my favorite addictions:

1. This is a new for me, and I am not sure if it is an addiction or a punishment...the Stairmaster at the gym. I have started doing it for 25 minutes when I get to the gym. I feel awesome after I am done!! Tons of sweat and lots of calories burned, the best part is watching your favorite shows while you climb.

2. Along with fitness, another addiction I have developed is drinking Propel fitness water. It has a lot less calories than Gatorade, and it doesn't make me more thirsty like Gatorade can at times. It only has 25 calories for the whole bottle...the strawberry/kiwi flavor is yummy!

3. Reality TV has to be on this list. I don't know why I am such a sucker for all of it!! From Realworld to Project is so addictive. I love to turn on my favorite tivoed shows and make cards, while the baby is napping. Fun times!

4. Picking up the house is such an addiction. I really can't rest until everything is picked up...things in the office, stuff in the kitchen, must all find it's place. It is so annoying at times. I wish I could look past some of it and relax, but I just love a neat house!!

5. Books, last but not least. I get so addicted to books. I will be up all hours of the night trying to finish them. Then I am so sad when they are over. I just finished The Last Lecture. If you haven't read it, amazing!!

Here are the 5 fabulous bloggers that I am going to hand this out to:
1. Christy at Cakerwalkers...I found Christy's blog through Lifelong Playdate, and I have become totally addicted! She is so funny, and I love seeing pics of her two cutie pies!

2. Krystyn from Really are you Serious? She just had a new little baby and they are just too cute!

3. Heather from A High Heeled Mama Heather is so crafty and a wonderful photographer!

4. Kristen from La Dolce Vita She is so creative, I love her necklaces!

5. My sister Lindsay at The Whitcomb Family! Love you!!

Congrats Mommies for making me laugh and smile!!

Favorite Things Part II

I am so excited, a new season of Top Chef starts tonight!! YAY!!

I am in love with this beautiful piece of furniture from my Grandmother's house. It is an old secretary, and I love all it's little compartments. Perfect for the kitchen to keep up with coupons and mail, etc. Definitely my new favorite thing!

I love these ProBug Organic Milk Drinks for Bradley!

He loves them and they are so good for him too:)

I love new clothes, here is the new black sweater I just got from Ann Taylor Loft. I have worn it with a gray shirt and black shirt underneath. With some fun colored flats...perfect for fall!

Well, I am hoping that Chris reads this post before my birthday! I am in LOVE with these Uggs that fold down. Chris bought me the first Uggs a few years ago, and I still wear them. I love them! I keep telling him they were such a good investment. I really want these in chocolate brown with some skinny jeans and a big sweater, yay!

I love my "Line In" for my Ipod in my car. I can just plug it in and listen to my favorite songs throughout the car. Whoever invented this is a genius!

Pictures...old and new! I just bought all of these frames and I am putting together a wall of old and new pictures. I love the high school picture of my mom on the left, beautiful! I found some black and white pictures of my Mom when we were cleaning up my Grandma's house. My mom and I are getting them made into actual pictures, since it was just paper proofs that we found. I can't wait to get them, and add them to the collection. I am hoping to collect some from Chris's side of the family so that we can have all of the family included!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Old "McBradley" Had a Farm

So this weekend went by in a flash! I was solo mama while Chris partied it up at Adam's bachelor party. Kim and Adam's wedding is getting closer and the festivities are definitely under way. I have been busy getting t-shirts and other fun goodies for Kim's bachelorette weekend. We are having the girls here at our house. We are going to visit some wineries and other fun stuff along the way. It should be great!

In the middle of all of that, Bradley little 2 year old birthday is sneaking up around the corner. We decided that since he loves everything 'farm' we are going to have a farm party. I have been working like crazy on my barn invitations. This is what I came up with, what do you think?

We are going to have an old refrigerator box painted to look like a barn. The kids will be able to play inside of it! I ordered some farm sticker pages that the kids will be able to use. I also got a ton of farm animal stampers, so that will be a good art project. I was also thinking about closing off an area of the house, putting a ton of pink balloons with little faces and tails, and calling it a 'pig pen.' The kids could run around with the balloons, pop them, etc. Of course I am going to make a tractor cake, this will be my first test at truly cake decorating, so wish me luck!

Here are the gifts we got Bradley for his birthday. We are going to have them out for all of the kids to play with! I LOVE the huge barn, and we bought a bunch of really big farm animals from Target. We got all of his toys here.

These are the adorable animals stamps that I found at oriental trading company.

Farm visors for the kids to wear when they come over! I also got those here.

Off to do more planning for the bachelorette party and the farm party (that just doesn't go together in the same sentence!) Happy Monday!