Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camels and Zebras and Llamas, Oh My!

We are finally feeling better from a last week...whew, that one almost did us in!

Last weekend we went to the "Safari Park" that is about and hour and a half from our house. We had a BLAST!!! You travel the park in your CAR!! It is so funny, the animals come right up to your window and feed out of buckets. There were tons of different kinds of animals, and Bradley is starting to get really interested in animals. The pictures are hilarious!

Bradley spent most of the trip on Chris's lap. He was originally sitting with me, but I kept letting out little yelps, and I think I was scaring him. Daddy was probably a better fit for this type of trip! Here they are feeding a huge elk!

I love Bradley's face in this picture. This is right when we got there, and he is almost saying to Chris..."What is this place??" "Where did you bring me??"

The zebras come right up to your car. There were a bunch of baby zebras.
Bradley was saying, "Baby Zebra, Baby Zebra!"

OK, this was Scary!! This huge camel just stuck his entire head into our car. He actually came in farther than this! Chris had to push him out! Bradley did not like this part at all!

Huge camel, eating the BUCKET of food!

There is a great petting zoo too, and we had to stop by for a visit!

An Apple A Day.....isn't working at our house!

I guess the storm was brewing this weekend, when we headed out to a local apple orchard to collect some wonderful fall apples. Everyone was feeling great on Saturday. But, then the storm hit on Monday. When Daddy said he didn't feel well, and both of my boys woke up on Tuesday morning with a spiked fever. Chris had some sort of stomach bug, but I wasn't sure what was wrong with Bradley. He had had a runny nose, but all of the sudden he took a turn for the worse. The day was spent with juice, Elmo, and 'chew-chews' (cheerios) on the coach. Chris started feeling better and I thought we were in the clear.

When Bradley spiked another fever this morning, I made my call into the pediatrician. He squeezed us in this morning and Bradley was SUPER fussy. He pretty much cried for the ENTIRE doctors visit. With a prescription in hand and a VERY tired and VERY fussy baby I rushed over to Giant. TEN MINUTES was what they said at the pharmacy. Great!!! I can get some things at the store, and get Bradley home with his first dose of medicine before nap time. Considering he slept from 12 until 4 pm yesterday, I knew that I had a short window of time!

While we picked up bananas and grapes the Giant speaker came on, "We need EVERYONE to evacuate the store, IMMEDIATELY!! Including our employees!!"

I think I have watched way too much television...I am picturing an armed robbery taking place as we speak. I grab my child and purse and start booking it to the front door. Well, I guess it wasn't an armed robber, it was the smell of smoke!

4 firetrucks, 1 trip to McDonald's for sustenance, and 1 1/2 hours later we finally left Giant with our prescription for the Bradley Bear.

Who knew that ear infections and trips to the grocery could be so exciting?!! (I will have to do a post later about our first trip to this EXACT same Giant after Bradley was born...they called in the rescue squad...I think I need to find a new grocery store!)

Here are some of the pictures from the Apple Orchard this weekend:

Love this one of Chris and Bradley!

Maybe eating unwashed apples isn't so good after all??

Larken taking a bite!

Too Sweet!

The view from the top of the mountain!

Mommy and Bradley on the hay ride!

What a great Daddy!

I love this shot, they both look so concerned!

Favorite shot of the day!

Daddies and babies hanging out!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Randomness Part One

I love reading Amanda's blog, Lifelong Playdate and hearing all of little miss bean's randomness. I thought I would copy her post idea...

*First I have to start with the "Duck" that Bradley brought home from preschool last week. All of the kids artwork hang next to their names when you pick them up. I met a really nice Mom at the preschool, and we were waiting for our kiddos to come out. There was her daughter's "duck" with the foot and beak in relatively the right place. Here is Bradley's adorable "duck." He just kept pointing at it and saying, "Quack, quack!" I would tell him, "You are right, it is a duck!" Then he would point to the eye positioned on the duck's wing and say, "Mommy, EYE!" with a tremendous amount of gusto. Oh, you are such a sweet and cute boy. I am going to keep this beautiful duck forever!

*Bradley's imaginative play has just totally expanded in the past few months. His play has changed so much from just picking up objects and playing with them for three seconds. To really manipulating toys, talking to them, and making up his own stories and games with his toys. Daddy helped Bradley make this car for the house. (actually they just smashed a box in half, but Daddy helping made it AWESOME!) Bradley loved it, and was pushing it all around. Then he would grab your hand and say, "mommy car, vrooooom" wanting you to push him around. Then he found my Tupperware and had to have his hat on while playing in his new car.

*Bradley got a little wined up bee that he LOVES. He says BEEEEEE and I always see him playing with it. Now he thinks any flying insect is a BEEEEE. Even flies and everything in between. So cute!

*My sister bought Bradley a little chocolate lab stuffed animal that Bradley has become obsessed with! He calls it Hershey, just like our real chocolate lab. He sleeps with her, gives her snacks, and has started carrying her around just about everywhere. It is the cutest thing ever...I need to get a picture of that soon:)

*Happiness with food: I know that I have posted before about our organic food share that we have in our town. I just wanted to share the photo of all of the yumminess that we picked up this week. My favorite thing...the concord grapes. Oh My Gosh, I never knew! They taste just like grape jelly, go figure, but soooo good!

* Fun new cards that I have made recently! I had stamp club last week, and it was great! We have a new catalog of stuff out, and everything is just too die for! I LOVE the birdie stamp shown below.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beach Memories

As the weather begins to cool, and the windows are now open...I thought I would post the last of my beach photos. It was an amazing trip, despite coming home early due to Hurricane Hanna and Grammy's passing. The babies were the highlight of the vacation. Sammy and Bradley are so fun together, and I know Gigi and Pop pop enjoyed the trip the most!

We visited an carnival, alligator alley, and of course tons of fun shops and dinners. We did a photo shoot on the beach which turned out great! Bradley ended up with a lollipop for most of the shots. Unfortunately my scanner is broken, so I couldn't include those photos. But, here are my favorites from the vacation! Enjoy!

Sammy with a look of concern on the merry go round!

Bradley hamming it up for the cameras.

The babies and I on a VERY scary boat ride:)

Playing on the beach!

We rented bikes for two days, and had a blast riding around. Bradley loved it!

Gigi and baby boy

The Photo Shoot...