Monday, June 30, 2008

Did you feed the dog?

I heard some funny noises coming from the kitchen this morning,
and this is what I found when I got there....

a small little person who lives in our house was trying to feed the dog (even though she already had breakfast). Hershey our chocolate lab is very loved by Bradley. He loves to play with her, pet her (pound on her back), and throw the ball for her. Well, Bradley has been "helping" chris and I carry the little scoop into the laundry to feed Hershey in the morning. I guess he wanted to take matters into his own hands. I have searched everywhere and I still can't find the scoop for the dog food??

We even got some dog food in the laundry basket...thanks Bradley!

I was impressed to see some of the food actually made it into the dog bowl.
Not bad for a 1 year old! Can't wait until doing chores actually means that
I don't have to clean up afterward:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sometimes God Sends us an Angel

Six years ago I was ripe out of college and in the middle of my first teaching job. Living with girl friends and trying to find my way in life. I know that many of you who read this blog know my story, but I just wanted to share a little bit about one angel that God sent to me that summer. I had been in a horrible car accident in March of that year, and was suffering from depression. I was sleeping all the time, stopped working out, and confused about what the world had in store for me. Looking back on that time now, I know that I was hanging on by a thread. I was going through the motions, trying to teach first grade, and in such a dark place that I don't even think I knew how to climb out of it all.

Along came Chris...we were set up by my roommates...he knew about my car accident and what I was going through...he still liked me?? Most guys would have been running for the hills if they knew my story at the time.

I wasn't sure what to think of Chris. See I was a city girl, and I didn't really realize how much of a city girl I was until I met Chris. I grew up in the suburbs roller skating and taking ballet lessons. Chris grew up on a tobacco farm. I didn't like red meat, especially red meat with a bone in it. Chris loves meat, any form of it, and to hunt. I graduated from a high school with 3,000 students, and Chris graduated with a class of 36 kids. My childhood consisted of girl scouts, coloring books, and barbies. Chris's childhood consisted of tractors, dirt, and be-be guns. Again, I can not emphasize enough our differences.

But, maybe that is what makes us together so special. Chris picked me up that summer and carried me through some of the hardest times of my life. He listened to me cry, sob (I am talking the ugly cry!!) many nights. He loved me through all of that. Soon I found myself smiling more, laughing more, enjoying life a little bit more. I believe in miracles, I believe in God, and I believe that God knew I needed a miracle if I was going to come out of this thing OK. Not to say that I don't still struggle, have hard weeks even months. But, through the grace of God and the love of one amazing husband I am living, happy, and content with what life has to offer.

Thank you Chris for loving me. Thank you for accepting me as I was then, and the person I have become. Thank you for wiping my tears, making me laugh, and holding me when I am scared. You are my rock. You are my angel.

I love you!

June 26, 2004
The day that my angel became my husband...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stamps and Sun

I wanted to wait a few days to make sure that Steph already got her invitation. So, here is the shower invites I made for my best friend's shower this July. We are all wearing a gorgeous chocolate brown at the wedding, so I did a little bit of brown with a baby blue. I stamped the larger image in a really soft blue (sky blue) and I also stamped the word celebrate below the ribbon. I love the little "bling" from using a bead kit that Stampin' Up has. I know the stamp is hard to see but, I put that stamp on the inside. It even has a "registered" part that is perfect for a bridal shower. I can't wait for the weekend, it is in just a few weeks! We are all staying at my girlfriend Lori's house and going wine tasting all day on Saturday. Yay!

Since coming home from the beach it has been hot! So, we have hit the pool pretty much every day possible. Yesterday afternoon we met our good friends Cali and Rick over at their pool with their daughter Larken. Isn't she adorable!?

My attempt to get the two toddlers to sit together for a picture. It didn't quite work out!

Today we met little miss Mary Reese at our pool. She had a blast playing in all of the sprinklers. Carly and I met at church a few weeks ago, and we seem to just have so much in common. I love it when you meet someone and you know they will be a great friend! Thanks Carly for meeting looked great in your swimsuit by the way:) Carly wrote a funny story on her blog Are We There Yet? about swimsuit shopping post baby. Hilarious!

The other night Chris met us at the pool after work, and Bradley had a blast with Daddy!
He was making the cutest faces with the sprinklers...I caught a few of them:)

I love this photo with the water sparkling!

This one is a little hard to make out, but Chris is holding Bradley running through the sprinklers. I just had to post it! Chris you are such a great Dad...even running through the freezing cold sprinklers for your son!