Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Times They Are A Changing ~ Bob Dylan

Saturday morning used to mean sleeping in, sleeping in, have a late breakfast lunch, decide on plans for the afternoon, change plans for the afternoon, maybe do some chores, finally make plans for the evening, go out!

Now a typical Saturday means that Bradley is awake by 6:30 or 7, which means we are up by 7 at the latest. Usually dosing in and out after 6:30 and we finally get out of bed by 7. We have already decided what we are going to do on Friday night, because if we don't have a plan by 9 am it is almost too late to get ready and get anywhere before nap time.

So, this Friday we decided to head to the City Market on Saturday. We got there at 9 or so and Bradley got a balloon animal (he really wasn't too interested in it). Chris and I strolled around with Bradley, picked up some fresh made doughnuts (guilty pleasure on a Saturday morning), and some fresh squeezed lemonade. Our City Market is so great, and Bradley loves to people watch there. Then we headed over to a local park, and we brought our doughnuts and a cooler of drinks and snacks.

Bradley had a great time climbing around and playing on the playground. Chris and I took turns watching him and relaxing on the blanket (mostly I relaxed, hey isn't Saturday my day off?? I guess I did pick up the first floor, wipe down all the counters, vacuum the crumbs from breakfast, and throw in a load of laundry all before we left, but hey who is counting?). Then we were back home by 11:30 for lunch and nap time...Just two years ago I would have been lucky to make it to the market before it closed at 10, my how the times have changed!

I played around with all of the pictures from the park...let me know what you think!

The Swingset

Well, three LARGE boxes arrived on Thursday from "Little Tikes!" Chris and I had ordered Bradley a new swingset this weekend and it came very quickly! Chris spent most of the afternoon on Thursday putting it together. Just in time from Chloe to come over and play with us on Friday. Bradley LOVES his new swingset! He spent most of the afternoon on Thursday bugging Daddy while he put it together. Chris would start looking for a bolt, his wrench, or any piece he needed "right then" and a little person had walked away with it. Usually dropping it somewhere in the grass to be found later by a big person! Always an adventure when there is a toddler at your house...

Chloe's mom, Greta and I met at my fitness instructor training this winter. She is trained to teach Zumba, which is a fun dance type workout class. She starts her first class this summer! I am so excited for her. She also teaches "Stroller fit" which is an awesome workout for mommies. We both were teachers and just hit it off! The kiddos had a great time together, playing outside and riding in the wagon.

I played around with Picasa a whole bunch tonight. It was really fun, and I loved the way the sepia made these wagon pictures look.

Bradley in the treehouse!

Still isn't so sure about the whole slide thing. We are working on that!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Looking for Design Inspiration?

I wouldn't really call myself very creative, but maybe I am getting there. Right after college I ran into a friend who was selling card making products. I was totally inspired by the catalog, and I wanted to try it. So, I bought a few of the products and started making cards. I had no idea what I was doing since I didn't take a workshop or class from her, I just bought a few things. Well, when we moved I joined a stamp club and LOVED it! I found it really therapeutic and relaxing, and I was getting better at it little by little. So, now I sell Stampin' Up products, and have my own stamp clubs at my house. I am going to take some pictures tonight so you can peak in on fun! We mostly just hang out and talk and try to make some cards in between all of the chatting. Here are a few of the cards we are making tonight, along with some of the cards that we made in our last club. If you want to see more of the products you can look here. I guess this post explains why my life feels like "Diapers to Designs." In between changing diapers I like to be creative, and try new things. I think it keeps me sane too! I will post more about my stamp club, scrapbook pages, and other endeavors soon...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time Flies...

My husband snapped this photo while we were vacationing in Charleston, SC over Christmas. It is such a perfect picture of Bradley! He is always curious, a little bit shy around new people, but once you know him he is wide open! Sounds a little bit like his Daddy, except for the shy part.
Bradley had just turned one, and I couldn't believe how quickly he was growing up. It seemed as though as soon as I watched him take his first steps, he started to walk and now he runs from me. How did this happen in just a few short months? As a child, summers dragged on for eternity, always enough sunlight to play outside all day and have sleepovers at night. Now, the weeks just pass so fast and I want to pinch myself and make time slow down. I want to remember every little thing Bradley does, preserve, and cherish it. This is why I wanted to start my blog. So, I could look back and remember all of the moments. When Bradley was first born and for the first few months of his life I wrote down EVERYTHING he did. How much did he nurse? How long? When did he have a diaper? When did he sleep? How long did he cry before falling asleep? I was a fanatic about it! As he grew and time passed, I wished I had another outlet to journal all of his other milestones and our weekly life. So here it is!

I would like to once a week have a post called "Time Flies..." and just write down some of the events from the week or funny anecdotes of life raising a toddler. This week we went to "Tumble Buddies" pictures in the next post. It is basically like "The Little Gym" except much cheaper! Bradley is obsessed with the tumble track. It is a long trampoline used to train children how to do tumbling combinations on the floor. But, for the little ones they just run down it. The hard part is getting Bradley to get off at the end of the track and get back in line. He would much rather run back on the track and knock over the child who is next!

Bradley has become very interested in the parts of your face (nose, ears, etc.) He points to any part of his face if you ask him where it is. He will also point to it on Mommy or Daddy (how adorable is that?). Well, this morning at MOPS he was in the toddler room, and apparently he put his finger in a little girls mouth and she bit him! I am assuming he was interested in her mouth, because he has been checking out Chris and my mouth ever since he started learning body parts.

Bradley said, "Car" on Monday while playing with Brayden and a bunch of his matchbox cars.

He is now beginning to put things away after playing with them. If I tell him he can't go outside until he helps me put away his blocks, he will do it! I'm not sure how long that will last?
Bradley HATES any type of grooming. He hates to get dressed, to get wiped up after eating, get his shoes on, and he especially hates to have his diaper changed! Makes for a fun morning when you are trying to get out the door somewhere.
He loves to move and collect things in a little pile. The other morning I found a "collection" in the guest bedroom that consisted pajama pants, my crocs (both shoes), an old bottle of hairspray, Q-tips that he had pulled out of the drawer, and a sock. I guess he did all of this while I was in the shower?? I will find little piles like this all over the house.
Along with collecting, he really enjoys hiding. He will hide sippy cups in cabinets, and then go find them later in the day to drink from. He is always hiding his many binkis. We will see him pull open and draw and get it like he knew it was there all along? Not so sure about that, it seems like a lucky guess to me sometimes.
Hope you liked Time Flies... more next week...

Monday, April 14, 2008

What did Daddy buy?

While I was working at the church on Sunday afternoon, Chris decided he would take Bradley to Toys R Us! They went to buy a swing to hang under the deck, and this is what I found when we got home! We have wanted to get Bradley a wagon ever since the weather was getting warmer, but we couldn't find any of the "old fashioned" radio flyer wagons. Chris said he saw this one, and had to have it! Especially since it had the wood railings around it. But, if you look at the wheels I think you will see why Chris decided to buy this one. Since it was raining out yesterday afternoon, we had to pull Bradley around the house in it!

Check out the wheels on this wagon! It is called "Big Red All Terrain Wagon."

Lindsay's Birthday

We celebrated Lindsay's 25th birthday at Red Robin. Chris and I gave Lindsay and Tim a gift certificate to "A Weekend to Remember." Chris and I went to this conference in the beginning to March and we BOTH had a great time! We went to the conference in Roanoke, but they are located all over the United States. We thought Lindsay and Tim would really enjoy it! Their gift also came with a weekend of free babysitting from us!

Here is Lindsay opening her gift certificate!

Sammy was such a doll during dinner! He kept doing a fake giggle, and he would want everyone else to join in. If everyone at the table started laughing, so would Sammy. It was a riot!

Sammy and Bradley had a great time playing with his stroller. Sammy was inspecting the wheels while Bradley watched. These two are going to be up to trouble soon. Bradley spent the whole time during dinner pointing to his nose. He just learned where his nose is, and he will point to it when you ask him. Bradley also discovered ranch dressing. He saw me dipping and he started doing it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Lindsay!

Happy Birthday Lindsay!
We hope you have a wonderful day!
Can't wait to see you on Saturday and have some cake:)
Love you! Clare, Chris, and of course Bradley

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Body Step and Other Things...

So one of my more recent ideas was to become a fitness instructor at our local gym. I have always enjoyed working out, and since having Bradley I have really spent a lot of time running! But, as with everything I was starting to get bored with just running around the neighborhood. Since we have a gym in our basement I knew Chris wouldn't want to join the gym. So, I took a class to learn about becoming a fitness instructor. I decided that BodyStep would be a fun class to teach. You can read about BodyStep and the Les Mills company here. Two weeks ago I took the BodyStep certification class. It was a totally intense two days of stepping and fitness. I passed! Now I have twelve weeks to learn the entire class, which consists of twelve songs and tape myself teaching. Tonight I practiced with a few of the women who took the initial training with me. It is going to take a lot of hard work, but I am really excited about it all. I will keep you updated about my progress. I think I have the first four songs memorized, just 8 more to go!

Playroom...someone asked me where I got all of the shelves and containers from Bradley's playroom. I bought them here. They are really sturdy and I am really impressed with them. We are even talking about ordering some more so that we will have enough in the future.

Moments with the Family

As I was going through my photos to upload on my blog, I found a few of Bradley playing with different family members over the past few months. It is so fun to see him interacting with others! Some of them were so sweet I just wanted to share them with you!

Glenda gave Bradley a box of animals crackers. He walked around with it the entire time we were at the farm. Shawn and Rebecca watched Bradley for the weekend while Chris and I went to Roanoke. It was his first time away from us for two nights, but I don't even think he missed us because he had so much fun with Shawn! Here they are playing on the couch.

What a sweet moment! Bradley thinks Uncle Shawn is the funniest!!!

Playing with Grand-Pat!!

Here is Bradley with Aunt Annmarie when she came to visit this January.

I think Bradley was inspecting her teeth...??
Not sure what it was all about, but it was really cute!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Playroom!!

After Bradley's birthday and Christmas our little playroom was overflowing with toys. We only had one small trunk and all of the toys were sitting on the floor. Recently we bought a bunch of furniture to organize the playroom! Chris put everything together on Friday, and Bradley has been enjoying it ever since. I think he thought we had been hiding a bunch of toys from him!!! Thank you Daddy!

Bradley climbing in to find a ball hidden on the bottom! One of his first words was "Ball" and he loves to play with them around the house.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bradley's Newest Trick!

I hope you like my new blog! I am so excited to share our daily life with family and friends. It will be great to keep you updated with our daily journey of raising Bradley, working, owning our own business, and just enjoying life. If you like my blog design please thank my sister Lindsay! She is wonderful and helped me put it all together. You can check out her cute blog here. Lindsay is much better at computer stuff than I am.
Thank you Lindsay for your help, I Love You!

Life with a 15 Month Old can get a little interesting! Recently Bradley was getting a little bored at home one morning and this contraption is what Daddy used to solve the problem of extreme fussiness!!! Chris found this wipes box and tied a cord to it as a way to pull Bradley around the house. He loved it so much, and would get really angry if you stopped pulling him. This became Bradley's favorite thing to do at home. So much so that now the box is sitting on top of the trash can because Mommy and Daddy can't take it anymore. Gotta love Daddy for coming up with something for the fussy baby.

Yes, that is also Bradley's snack trap in the box. Just in case he gets hungry on his trip!

Just one more time Dad....PLEASE!!!
We have also realized in the past few weeks that Bradley loves to try on everyones shoes. Even if they are a little girlie! These aren't too easy to walk in, are they Bradley?

After a recent trip to Target Bradley found the diaper genie dispenser in the bag when we got home. Next thing I noticed Bradley had put both of these on his feet and he was walking (or sliding) around the house! I guess he is our next cross country skier.

He traveled all over the house with these on! What a riot!