Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Favorite Things Part III: Baking Edition!

Even with all of the craziness last weekend, Chris and I got some quality time to hang out. I was in the middle of making my Grammy's famous Chocolate Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies. So...we opened up a bottle of wine, played phase ten, and I took cookies in and out of the oven. It was a wonderful night filled with my favorite things...

Our Christmas tree that sits in the front room. I call it the 'Silver Tree.' We hang all silver and glass ornaments on it and cover it with red velvet bows. This isn't our family tree, just one of our decorations. We put it up that day before baking. Christmas time makes me happy:)

Chris set up the table. Wine + Cards + Hubby = Favorite Things

Well, I said this was my favorite things, baking edition. This is one of our custom cabinets that I love! There are two on either side of the stove, and you can find ANY spice you need. Perfect!

One of my most FAVORITE baking items!! My Kitchen Aid mixer! Another one of our custom cabinets that I LOVE! The mixer is always plugged in, just pop the handles and it slides into the cabinet and it doesn't sit on your counter. Whoever thought of this is a genius!

Yummm! Grammy's Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies!
Don't worry, I attached the recipe below!

On another note, Happy Birthday To Me!! My birthday isn't for another two weeks, but this little puppy came in the mail today. Chris bought me the Nikon D80 and an amazing Sigma 28-300mm Lens!!!!! After charging up the battery I have been snapping away ALL night! It is AWESOME!! I took some fun pictures of us outside hanging up lights and playing with Bradley. It has great zoom power, and I am giddy! Thank you honey!!
Chocolate Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies
Grammy Bina Clare

1 ¾ cup flour
1 tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. salt
½ cup sugar
½ cup butter (softened)
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
Mix dry ingredients. Add in butter, egg, vanilla. Make dough into balls (if it is too wet put in the fridge for a while). Roll balls in sugar. Bake @ 375 for 8 minutes.

Take out and press in one chocolate kiss until cookie cracks. Put back in oven and bake 2 minutes.


amanda said...

i am not sure what i am lusting after more...the camera or the cabinets :)

you are one lucky mama!!

Chelle said...

I am drooling over your house...and all of your favorite things!

Lindsay said...

ooo I hope there are a few of those cookies left this weekend :-) I will def. have to check out your camera when we are over there this weekend :-)

Jodee Leader said...

I, too, am drooling over those custom cabinets and new camera! It looks like you had a fun night baking with the hubby!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Those cabinets are just amazing--I would love for my mixer--it's one of the giant pro ones (4 kids with lots of friends--need it) and I feel like I need to lift weights daily to be able to handle it ;)

Amy Waldron said...


I will be moving in shortly! Please have the spice cabinet filled, the tree plugged in, the mixer ready to rock and some cookies ready with milk or wine. . .either will be fine! LOL! You have a beautiful home! I have all of my spices in a cabinet above my stove. . .something like yours would be soooooo awesome!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

P.S. - thanks for the lowdown on how to make the yummy cookies! My family loves them!

Lauren said...

Fun times! I kept checking my mailbox and there were no cookies in there... hmmm. Maybe the mailman took them? j/k! Tell Chris he did a great job on the bday presents!

Annmarie said...

YOU are one of "MY" Favorite things!! Clare, you make my heart smile! :) You are keeping the spirit of one of my other favorite people alive. . . my mom, your Grammy . . .Our Bina Clare! All I have to do is look at those cookies and I see Grammy.
Thank you Honey!

You know that one of my other favorite things is to come and visit you, your wonderful hubby, and beautiful boy in your awesome home.

Now lets talk about that CAMERA . . . this was the one and only thing that I owned that you were envious of ME for. Now I got NOTHING :( just kidding, hehe We’ll see, maybe I’ll have to turn over the "crown of the camera" to you. Thanks A LOT Chris.

Carly said...

Happy early birthday, sweet Clare!
You will love your Nikon. Im hoping Santa will bring me a new lens for Cmas:)

Your tree is beautiful and Im terribly jealous of those custom cabinets!

Tell your sweet, sweet husband (aka Nick) hello for me:)

Dee said...

oh YAY for your new camera! That is SOOO exciting!!!

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Love the spice cupboard, and congrats on the camera...she's a beauty!

Here is a blog you will like:

Cant wait to see your work!


Heather said...

I love your list.

I love your front room!!! It's so pretty yet cozy.

And those cookies.......oh my!!! I seriously think I'm going to make some for after school snacks!

Katie said...

Yay for the camera! We have a D-40 and LOVE it!! Now, you have so much fun learning to do! I hope the plans are coming along nicely for this weekend.
Love to you.

Liam's Mom said...

I totally envy that ready to use mixer/mixing stand! Awesome!

That Nikon is to die for! What a fun gift! Yay! Happy early bday!

Kristen Andrews said...

how cool Clare, I need to make my Grandma's cookies just trying to figure out when I can squeeze it in.

Carol said...

Your house is gorgeous.

Those cookies look super yummy too. Way to go with your multitasking cookie baking and phase 10.

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Scoot over honey. I am so moving in with you:) Will you make those cookies for me? :)

Jenny said...

just love those cookies...they look so good. your tree is gorgeous! i am hoping for a new camera for xmas.

3 Peanuts said...

Happy early birthday and you will LOVE your camera! Love,