Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day Has Me Thinking...

With tomorrow being the big turkey day and all I thought I would jot down some of my most precious things to be thankful for...and some fun stuff too:)

1. The first thankful thing must be my magnificent husband who is always home early (when he can be)...sending me off to work out at the gym in peace or to a much needed solo trip to Barnes and Noble. Chris you are such an amazing husband you do the sweetest gestures big and little. From helping me fold laundry, putting the baby to bed, to going to work every day for our family. I love you!

2. The second is in a close race with number one, but that cutie pie Bradley that just makes me feel so thankful this holiday season! I took the shot above in the bath tub this weekend. You are so full of energy and new words that just make us while shopping you grabbed my hand and said, "CAR coming!!" before we walked into the street. I guess I have said that a million times to you! You had Daddy and I in stitches when you figured out to push your high chair next to the coach in the breakfast room. You climbed on the coach and into the chair, oh the joys of raising boys!

3. All of our wonderful family near and far...they never fail to check in regularly by phone or email, always keeping in touch and wanting to be a part of Bradley's life. We are so happy to see Chris's brother and sister getting married in the next few months. What a blessing to add more members to our family!!

4. Our material gifts...I know it is sad to say, but in this economy I feel so thankful to be at home with my son, living in our beautiful house, and he has more than enough toys, clothes, and food to fill his little belly! I really need to refer back to #1 when thinking about all that we have, we are so lucky!

5. Enough with the gooshy stuff...what else am I thankful for this turkey day??

Well...books is right up there on my list! I just finished The Last Lecture (WONDERFUL!!) and Twilight. Totally opposite books, but I just love to read and it takes me to another place. I totally forget about all of the chores and things to do and just relax.

6. My Tivo, I know another embarrassing, but a sad truth! I hate staying up to watch TV sometimes, and I just love to Tivo my favorite shows. What is on my list right now?? Oprah (always), The Hills (another sad but true, i love L.C.), Top Chef, Project Runway, Lipstick Jungle, Survivor (I don't know why, but I can't get enough of this show!), Privledged, Private Practice...Ok, I am making myself sad, because I think there are even more shows!! But, I love to watch my tivod TV and work on some cards. Crafty dork that I am!!!

7. Target, you always make me so happy!! I can go in and find things from Bradley's clothes to picture frames. It always has what it is on my list (and more stuff too), and it is always organized and stocked up. I love to be organized...speaking of which leads me to #8

8. My Franklin Covey Day Timer, this little puppy has been with me for years. It has every one's birthday written down, and I even love all of the little notes that I pass over from year to year...Nov. 18th 2007 = Bradley's first steps...reading that can brighten up any week!

9. Holiday Activities, This week has been so fun! We have pulled out a bunch of Christmas stuff already. We decided to decorate early, because we wanted to have a few things up before Bradley's birthday party. Yesterday was so fun, we turned on a holiday station and pulled out all of the Today we went around town taking care of some of our holiday shopping, we visited Santa at the mall, fun times!

10. My job, I started working again part time this year. It has been a wonderful fit for our family, and has brought me a lot of joy at the same time. I am working with very poor refugee kids and families at a city school in our town. Nothing will make you feel more blessed and thankful this holiday season than giving back to those with less.

Happy Turkey Day!!


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Great list--I am addicted to tivo too--and everyone loves Target ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed reading your thankful list! I am also thankful for Target and Tivo!

I bought The Last Lecture for my hubby's Christmas stocking and I can't wait to read it myself!

Hope you have a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving!

Kristen Andrews said...

so many great things to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

Krystyn said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Good list!

Jenny said...

sounds like a great list to be thankful for!!
i am like you, I tivo everything..yes I to watch The Hills! I love it!

happy thanksgiving...

Carol said...

I don't know how I ever survived with Tivo. Seriously.

Indy said...

Love your list. I should have made one. It's not too late is it?

Annmarie said...

I know that Bradley and Chris are Thankful for you, too. Who won't be thankful for such a wonderful mommy and wife. Those two guys are lucky to have you!!