Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is What I Know

I stopped by to visit my friend Lauren today who is pregnant with her third child. Her due date is December 9th...and seeing her just got me thinking. I was just like her, anxiously awaiting this little winter baby just a few short years ago. Unlike Lauren I was a new Mommy and didn't know what to expect. Just visiting with Lauren got me thinking about how much I didn't know then, and what I "think" I know now:)

I didn't know that every time you cried it would literally make my heart ache.

That your sweet laughter would give me such a Mommy 'high' that I would do the silliest things just to hear it again.

You and your schedule would totally rule our lives for the first year...who am I kidding nap time STILL rules our house. I guess I am a little more sane if you are well rested.

I didn't know how much you would thrive on a routine. If we deviate there will be a disaster waiting. If we decide to be lazy and not get dressed on the weekend, you will NOT want to get dressed the next day. We must keep things the same, life is easier that way!

I didn't know how much I could love one person. I know I have read about loving your child and what it would be like. But there are no words.

I didn't know that leaving you was so hard. Even this weekend, in the mist of all of the bachelorette fun, I thought of you thousands of times. I only called daddy about four times, so I am making small improvements.

In two years I have really gotten to know you and your sweet personality. I know that recently you love trucks and cars, but most especially you love "FIRE trucks!" You scream when you see one in the car. "FIRE truck Mommy!!!"

I know you love the magna doodle. You especially love it when Daddy draws you detailed pictures of cars, trucks, and buses. You will admire them for a minute, and then quickly erase them...saying, "Bye Bye Bus...Daddy color bus peas.." It is the cutest little exchange, and it warms my heart!

I know you love to say goodnight to everything in your room before naptime or bedtime. Your sweet little voice says, "Night, night bath, night, night Hershey, night, night books..." You go on and on. Every day there are different things you say good night to, but it is the cutest thing ever!!

I know how much you love to fill things up and push them around the house. Your favorite thing to fill up is our laundry baskets. You will fill them with random clothes, books, toys, and push them all around our room while I get ready in the morning. You have been playing this game since you could cruise (at nine months), but you never seem to tire of it.

I know how much you love to go swimming at the heated pool at the gym. This is our new weekly ritual. On Wednesday mornings I will go to cycle class, and pick you up afterwards. We will change into our bathing suits and go for a dip in the pool. It is so relaxing for me, and you LOVE it!! You are starting to float on your back in the water, and jump off the side without holding my hands. The only problem is every time I go to the gym you say, "Simm mommy, simm?" How can you deny that little cute voice?

I know how much you love to sleep with all of your stuffed animals. Currently monkey, cow, Hershey, and elephant must be in the bed with you for sleep to happen. You will communicate through your animals, and it is so cute. "Mommy, monkey night, night, k?"

I didn't know how fast time would go from that screaming newborn to this adorable toddler. But, it has flown. I know that I love you more than words and bigger than I can express. You are the light of my eyes and the reason to get up every morning. Just keep being YOU, because I love every piece of you!

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Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Such a sweet post. He is such an awesome kiddo! Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay said...

awww melt my heart! I love the Fire truck Mommy! To cute for words!

Krystyn said... sweet!

I think almost all of those would apply to my daughter, too! So special! And, oh, how we learn so much in such a short time.

Amy said...

He is beautiful! Enough said, honestly!



Katie said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet post. You were able to articulate so many of the things us mommies feel. Our own children are such an amazing blessing to us!
Love to you!

Kristen Andrews said...

gosh I know who would have known how one little person could change your life for the better!

Chelle said...

That is the sweetest post ever!

Isn't it amazing how much our little ones can teach us in such a short time?

I loved reading more about him...loved it!

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet post for a sweet boy! We thrive on routine at our house too!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

This is such a wonderful post--be sure you save it for that cutie :)

Kellan said...

What a little sweetie!!! It's so true - all of it!! It is funny how we will do the silliest things just to make them laugh - HA!

Take care of that sweet boy! Kellan

The Mom said...

Total HEART-smile!! I have the chills.

Heather said...

So sweet. It's amazing how quickly we learn!!! Especially when it comes to our babies!

amanda said...

sweetest post ever friend.

i might have to go and write some of my own mama sap :)

it really is amazing this mama gig!

Carly said...

alright, alright....Im in tears! This is the sweetest post ever! And I know that sweet Bradley will enjoy reading it when he gets older.

You and I are so much alike! Nap times rule at our house too!

Sending lots of love your way! You are an amaxing mommy:)

Christy said...

What a sweet post. And just in case you were wondering, baby # 2 will be the exact opposite of baby # 1. You will have to learn a whole new set of rules.

Laural Out Loud said...

Ahhh, Clare, this post is so sweet. They do grow up fast, right before our eyes, making us feel and experience things we never imagined could be. It's precious to be a parent.

Laura said...

I love this! What a sweet way to start the day!

Anonymous said...

and they keep giving those thrills forever! Mine are still coming after 28 and 25 years. Love Dad.