Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday~Family!

Cheaper Than Therapy

The sweet couple, Kim and Adam

The siblings Chris, Kim and Shawn

Another sweet couple, getting married next year, Shawn and Rebecca

Chris and his Mom Glenda

The Winn Family

Kim's Bridemaids
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Tena said...

what a fantastic looking crowd!! Great pictures!

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Thats a nice looking family, Clare!!

Chelle said...

What a beautiful couple! Heck, every single one of them is beautiful :)

The Mom said...

Lovely shots, sounds like a wedding kind of year next year! Congrats!

amanda said...

looks like they are going to have some beautiful wedding pictures!!

Kristen Andrews said...

great pics Clare!

Lindsay said...

awwwww love the photos!! Everyone looks so good!