Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Really Can't Believe It, Either!

I snapped this photo of Bradley yesterday running around outside. It is so funny, because his expression is exactly how I have felt lately! I can't believe in just a few weeks he will be TWO! It really seems as though this past year has just gone by on super speed. Watching him run around the yard yesterday, talking about the leaves falling and the pumpkins I was in awe. Here are just a few things that I love about Bradley:

*When I put you in your crib you say, "Mouth Mommy, Kiss" you grab my face and make me give you a kiss on the forehead. We will sometimes repeat this ritual five or six times before I lay you down

*You recently fell in love with 'Curious George.' I made the mistake of buying a costo sized container of Curious George fruit snacks. For a while every time you went into the pantry you would say, "Oo, oo, ah, ah" and point up to the box. Now you say, "George Monkey, Mommy." Once a day I give in and give you a package, usually when you wake up from your nap. Then you ask, "Watch George Mommy, Peese?" love it!

*When you were getting antibiotics for your ear infection your tummy was a little sick. we were all sitting at dinner one night, and I had just come home from the gym. Daddy said, "Be lucky you were gone, Bradley had a Big Poop!" You turned to me and said, "BIIIIG POOP!!" Chris and I just died in laughter. Now you announce when you have pooped and ask for a "keen diaper, mommy"

*In more poopy news, you announced to Daddy that you needed to poop in the bath last night. You didn't give him much time, and before he knew it out popped three little Bradley logs, right into the tub. Chris called for me, and we thought this was hilarious. You were very upset by the whole thing. You know you are madly in love with your child when you laugh at their poop in the tub, gross! I think you may be close to potty training, but not yet!

*You can say and name almost every animal and make their 'animal noise.' I will have to put some video up of this. You trying to make the elephant noise is a riot!

*You are totally obsessed with tractors, machines, diggers or anything that looks like a large truck. Every time we go to the gym we have to add in an extra 5 or 10 minutes for you to watch the diggers that are working downtown.

*You will pretty much repeat most words that we try and teach you. I love it! You are just learning to do adjectives, and your favorite one is BIG! Everything is BIG! BIG truck, BIG putkin (pumpkin), BIG bite (when eating), BIG dinsar, ROARRRR!

*You love to take your stool around the house and get into things you aren't supposed to be touching. You favorite thing is to turn the lights on and off a half a dozen times while we are all eating dinner. funny boy

In other randomness...this little outfit came in the mail today (thank you Aunt Kim)! Bradley is going to wear it in her wedding in December, and when we go to visit Santa. Isn't it so cute?


Lindsay said...

ooo I can't believe he is about to turn 2!!! He is such a talker!! I love it, every time I come over he carries more and more of the conversation. The bathtub story is a riot!

amanda said...

that picture is classic honey!!

i love learning more about your little guy...

he looks sooo much bigger now than he does in your header pic??

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Great story on the pic--it fits perfectly.
Two is lots of fun :) really, it is!

Kristen Andrews said...

darn he is cute!

Katie said...

What a cutie pie! I also feel like this has been the fastest 2 years of my entire life! Where has it gone??
Hope you're having a great week!

Susan said...

So cute! The learning of new words is so much fun. Austin is adding a handful a day and it is often hilarious.
I posted a story about Austin pooping in the tub. Sounded like your experience exactly. We almost died laughing!!!

OHmommy said...

THAT expression is so stinking cute. And nice stone work. Just sayin. ;)

Christy said...

What a fun little guy! Two year olds are so much fun. They get a lot of bad press, but trust me - they are awesome.

Indy said...

Enjoy your little guy. What a cutie!

3 Peanuts said...

LOVE this outfit and that photo:)