Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Fun

Last year on Halloween everyone got a stomach bug at our house. Poor Bradley was throwing up on and off for over a week, so we didn't get to do much for trick or treating! Good thing he probably doesn't remember! So this year I was determined to have some Halloween fun!

I was cleaning out the cabinets the other day and I found all of these cookie cutouts that my SIL Kim had given me a few Christmases ago. She bought me a few for each holiday! I can't wait for Bradley to get a little older and when he wants to cook with me too! Larken came over and we decorated and ate some of the sugar cookies. The kids had a great time using all of the frosting and sprinkles...

Some of my designs, I must say it is harder to use the frosting than you would think!

Larken nibbling away!

Bradley made a ghost cookie. The whole time he ate it he kept saying, "Bye, bye ghost!"

Bradley's cat creation! Looks like we have an artist on our hands!!

The Mrs. from One Fabulous Mom took pictures of some of her Halloween decorations, and asked us all to do the same. I don't really have many decorations yet for Halloween. I was actually thinking that this year I am going to make a point to go around after the holiday and buy a bunch of things on sale. Nov. 1st I think I will head to Target! But, we do have a few things that we hung up around the house. Some spider garland...

Funny spider:)

Frankenstein and Pumpkin candle holders

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Lindsay said...

ooo those cookies look so Yummy! Bradley's cat is just purrrrrfect (wow did I really write that.. just call me Dad ;-) hehe). See you Sunday!

paige said...

i love sugar cookies with icing....oh yummy!
your home looks wonderful

Christy said...

Porgie was sick last Halloween too. I am hoping that this year goes a little better.

The cookies look yummy!

Mamasphere said...

"Bye, bye ghost!"


I need to get around to decorating cookies (I have all the fixings) or before I know it it'll be to late.

Kristen Andrews said...

how fun and festive

Krystyn said...

Super cute cookies. What a great idea.