Monday, September 22, 2008

Randomness Part One

I love reading Amanda's blog, Lifelong Playdate and hearing all of little miss bean's randomness. I thought I would copy her post idea...

*First I have to start with the "Duck" that Bradley brought home from preschool last week. All of the kids artwork hang next to their names when you pick them up. I met a really nice Mom at the preschool, and we were waiting for our kiddos to come out. There was her daughter's "duck" with the foot and beak in relatively the right place. Here is Bradley's adorable "duck." He just kept pointing at it and saying, "Quack, quack!" I would tell him, "You are right, it is a duck!" Then he would point to the eye positioned on the duck's wing and say, "Mommy, EYE!" with a tremendous amount of gusto. Oh, you are such a sweet and cute boy. I am going to keep this beautiful duck forever!

*Bradley's imaginative play has just totally expanded in the past few months. His play has changed so much from just picking up objects and playing with them for three seconds. To really manipulating toys, talking to them, and making up his own stories and games with his toys. Daddy helped Bradley make this car for the house. (actually they just smashed a box in half, but Daddy helping made it AWESOME!) Bradley loved it, and was pushing it all around. Then he would grab your hand and say, "mommy car, vrooooom" wanting you to push him around. Then he found my Tupperware and had to have his hat on while playing in his new car.

*Bradley got a little wined up bee that he LOVES. He says BEEEEEE and I always see him playing with it. Now he thinks any flying insect is a BEEEEE. Even flies and everything in between. So cute!

*My sister bought Bradley a little chocolate lab stuffed animal that Bradley has become obsessed with! He calls it Hershey, just like our real chocolate lab. He sleeps with her, gives her snacks, and has started carrying her around just about everywhere. It is the cutest thing ever...I need to get a picture of that soon:)

*Happiness with food: I know that I have posted before about our organic food share that we have in our town. I just wanted to share the photo of all of the yumminess that we picked up this week. My favorite thing...the concord grapes. Oh My Gosh, I never knew! They taste just like grape jelly, go figure, but soooo good!

* Fun new cards that I have made recently! I had stamp club last week, and it was great! We have a new catalog of stuff out, and everything is just too die for! I LOVE the birdie stamp shown below.

Have a wonderful week!


Lindsay said...

Ohhh my that duck is too adorable! The fruits and veggies look amazing. I am glad that Bradley is loving his stuffed Hershey.. Sammy has been playing with his stuffed dogs a lot lately too :-)

The Mom said...

Sweet duckie!!

I love those cards! My girlfriend does stamp camps, i really need to get to one!

amanda said...

oh honey you know how i love randomness :)

*the duck is adorable - maybe we could borrow it for beans first bday ducky party??

*love the bird on the card - so simple and beautiful!!

*and how cute is he in his "car"??

Carly said...

That Bradley gets cuter every time I check your blog! What a sweet and imaginative little boy!!! Your latest creations are awesome! You are so talented. Hope y'all are doing well.

By the way, that picture was a total fluke. I have not lost any weight, in fact I have gained a few over the past few weeks. I think it was all in how I was standing....

Give sweet, sweet B a hug for me!

Mamasphere said...

That duck is adorable!

I love love love your cards. You are so talented. I wish I could do stuff like that.

We used to get a CSA box, but after 12 weeks of kale and beets, we decided to spend the money at the natural food store for more variety. I loved the idea, though. And if we had gotten the kind of fruit and veggies that you do, we most definitely would've stayed!

Kristen Andrews said...

I heart the duckie! Your cards are very pretty, love them!

Just April... said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these cute cards you made! Hope all is well in the Winn world. Hugs!