Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in White...

We had an amazing weekend!!! I took a TON of pictures...these are just a small few from the ceremony and reception. Slide show will be coming soon!!!

We made it safely to Rhode Island and back home. Thank you for all of your kind words about leaving Bradley. He was so great for my parents! They bought him a bunch of toys. One of them being an Elmo Lunch Box. Well that was a big hit! He has been carrying it around all day. We HAD to take it to the park this morning. Thank you Mom and Dad (Gigi and Grandpat!) Bradley was asking where they were yesterday when he got up from his nap.

Steph's wedding was amazing and beautiful! We had a great time getting ready with Steph, hair and nails and make up. She was so excited and giddy about the BIG day. Everything went off without a hitch. (no missing rings or bee stings which are part of my own wedding bloopers...) The reception was a blast and the dance floor was packed. Andre is from Brazil so we got a lot of lessons on the "Zomba" dance style. It was really great! The flowers were so bright and beautiful. They looked great with our chocolate brown dresses. It was wonderful time spent hanging out with my girls and dancing with Chris. We got to read magazines and relax on the plane rides. Really it was a great trip! Here are a few pictures...more to come!

Steph and her Dad

Steph and Andre coming into the reception. Isn't her dress beautiful?

The first dance

Steph's brother, Ed, his wife Kirsten and little Alec.
They sat next to us at dinner. Aren't they the cutest family?

Janna and Peter, awwww!

Steph dancing with her Dad. We all got a little teary eyed! The baby of the family...

Cutting the cake!

Aren't all of the colors beautiful? I LOVED her cake!

Our flowers!

Janna and Peter hitting the dance floor!

Steph and Ed!

Aaron, Steph and Jill

My girls!! Lori, Steph and Karen!

Lori and Chris cheesing it up for the camera!

The gang; Peter, Lori, Chris and Janna!

KD Ladies, me, Amber and Lori

Scott and Peter checking out the dance floor!

Too Cute!!

Gotta have a tie on by the end of the night!!

The three amigos getting into trouble!

Karen and Scott

The rings!

Closing out the party!

Sarah, me, Kirsten, and Janna hanging out on the dance floor!


Lindsay said...

Oo you girls are look so great! Love the dresses and Steph looks AMAZING. Glad you guys had a great trip and everything went smoothly.. thanks for the guilt trip about the ring ;-)

Did the wedding bells play God Bless America when announcing the couple or was that just at our wedding? :-)

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Everyone looks fabulous! Glad to hear that little man did well while you were away. But, how did Mama do?:) That had to be rough!

Love the dresses, but I am curious-what is up with your tan line?!:)

Oh, and that cake-YUM-O!!

amanda said...

agree - her dress, the flowers, the cake - all beautiful!!

looks like lots of fun :)

glad you made it home safe and sound to your favorite little man!!

Mamasphere said...

Gorgeous dresses! If I could do my wedding over again, I'd have brown as one of my colors. It's so elegant.

I'm married to a Brazilian- tell your friend to hold on, it's going to be a wild ride!

Lauren said...

Just beautiful! I love weddings! Hope we can get together soon.

Miss ya,

The Mrs. said...

Her wedding dress was gorgeous!!!! Love you guys wearing ties!!!

Midwest Prep said...

Hi- Glad to meet you! Great pictures. I am so excited that OFM came up with this shower idea- what a fun way to celebrate! This is my first pregnancy, so obviously I am really excited- and anything anyone does to make me feel special just warms my heart. Feel free to poke around my blog- I am poking around yours and it is fun to get to know you a little bit! you can always email me at

Candy said...


Jenny said...

you all looked are right her dress is gorgeous!
the cake looks so...yummy!

Laura said...

Hi Clare! I found your blog on Facebook! You have a beautiful family!! What great pictures from Steph's wedding! So fun to see pics of the girls from CHS!! Hope all is well!

Kristen Andrews said...

how pretty everyone looked and what a cake!!!

Carol said...

Beautiful pics, I adore weddings.