Friday, August 22, 2008

Come On Girls, You're Crowding Me

This week has been HOT, dry and busy. We rushed around for part of the week with chores and trips to the grocery store. I also had a goal to make it back into the gym everyday (which I have been doing!). We have been at the pool a few days with friends and last night with Daddy. Bradley is getting so brave and will even jump off the side!

After passing the BodyStep Certifcation I talked to some of the directors at the local gym. I am going to "audition" in a few weeks. All I have to do is learn FOUR. NEW. SONGS.!!!! Come on people!!! It took me 2 months to learn 13 songs, so I know I can do it. I just am so sick of memorizing this stuff. Hopefully it will come a little bit more quickly! Instead of reading blogs at nap time, I have been back down in the basement watching new videos and yelling at the TV again.

Here are some photos from a trip to the park. We went before the wedding last week, and I love the two little chickadees with Bradley so sweet!

I love this sequence of events...first Bradley was playing on the latter, and then the girls come closing in. It almost looks like they are discussing how to get him, doesn't it?

This is how they ended up after some negotiation!

Little Miss "Woowee"

I love this picture of Larken!!


Lindsay said...

oo good luck memorizing those songs! Hopefully it wont take you as long this time! Love these pictures from the park! See you tomorrow!

Candy said...

CONGRATS on your Body Stepping!! You have a lot more guts and memorizing skills than me. I would be a nervous wreck. Good luck on the audition, and GREAT PHOTOS;-)

Carol said...

Body stepping? SOO impressed.

Really cute pics, summer is so over here. I am sad.

Kristen Andrews said...

cute summer pics! Good for you for hitting to the gym once you have a kiddo it is even harder to fit it in.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Great job on hitting the gym--what is body stepping?

Cute pics :)

paige said...

good luck clare!
i love step class too

OHmommy said...

I love when pictures preserve a moment like those. Too cute!