Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3 Peanuts Will be Missed!

Kim and I met this past year at MOPS. We were placed at the same table, and instantly I was drawn to her! She is the mother of three amazing children, cute, fun, and gives wonderful advice (seeing as she is one of the BEST marriage counselors!). When we first met she told me about her blog and I got online and read the whole story of the 3 Peanuts. If you ever have time to read it, it is AMAZING! It was so fun to read about their journey to get Kate and all of the ups and downs in the road. Kim is one of the major reasons I started a blog myself, Thank You Kim!

We spent the year getting together for play dates, crafting, and me asking Kim LOTS of important
How does she do it?
What is it like having three kids?
How does she have time to be an amazing Mom and Wife and Friend?
Help me learn to blog, I LOVE your blog...

Well, after a year of meeting such a wonderful person she called few weeks ago to say that she was moving. Of course, I was sad.... As a stay at home mom, it is sometimes hard to make connections and find the time to meet other mommies. We all work so hard and our lives are so busy filling the roles of Mom and Wife and Friend and Sister etc. When we do find a great friend out there in the Mommy world we want to hang on tight!

So, Sunday night our little table got together to wish Kim goodbye. We all made different deserts and offered her words of encouragement and a little toast at the end!

I can't take credit for these beautiful cookies. Julie Anne made them, aren't they so cute?
Kim's favorite colors are green and pick, and she loves monograms...

I was inspired by frame I made for Steph's party, so I made one for Kim.
I used some pink of course, and some monogramming too!
We will miss you Kim!


amanda said...

what a "sweet" goodbye friend.

any leftover cookies??

and thankfully (although i know it won't be the same) you still have the bloggyworld to keep in touch!

Ann said...

Oh. This makes me sad.
I'm going to miss her too and I don't even know her!
I'm going to check out her blog as per your request.

3 Peanuts said...


I love our friendship and I will miss you so much too, Thank you for hosting. You taught me SO much about stamping and crafts. I LOVE the frame you gave me. Thank you.


1216387439s13315 said...

I'm sorry you're losing your friend. Well, I mean, not totally gone, but you know what I mean!

paige said...

what a precious post for sweet kim!

Carly said...

Im thinking about packing you up with me so you wont be lonely. Ok, so I wont be lonely...

Lindsay said...

I am sorry that Kim is moving away. I know how such great friends you two have become! I am glad you all go to see each other before she moved. Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold.. hows that for some nostalgia.

OHmommy said...

Awwwwww..... I puffy heart Kim, and mongramming, and cookies.

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet post for Kim. I, too, am so sad she is moving. Love the cookies!