Thursday, July 24, 2008

Your Turn

It is so amazing to watch your child grow and develop. It is mind blowing to think that just last summer Bradley wasn't even crawling yet...and now look at that face. He is so fun and playful! He LOVES to blow bubbles, and say, "Bubble" in his little peanut voice that I just adore. The best party of Bradley blowing bubbles, it that he INSISTS that you put the opposite end in the bubble mix. Chris and I have made numerous attempts to show him how to dip in the bubble stick, but he always takes it away and puts in the wrong end. At least we know he is persistent...I am guessing he will figure this out at least by next summer?

We are still under the weather this week, so I thought I post some photos that I had wanted to share. My Aunt Annmarie and I took some of these photos while Bradley was playing outside a few weeks ago.

There he goes putting in the wrong end of the stick, go figure!

That look is so cute, like he is saying, "I have the best Dad in the world, didn't you know?"

Another game that Bradley loves to play is "come and scare me" as I run around my tree house. He finds this absolutely hilarious, and will get laughing so hard I am afraid he is going to fall right out of the house. Every time he climbs into the tree house he waits for you to run around the house peeking in at him. Oh little Bradley, you are growing up right before our eyes.

"Oh my gosh, this is the best day of my life!"


Lindsay said...

ooo Bradley is growing up so fast! Love the pictures.. the last one is my favorite!

So did he get his stubbornness from you or Chris?

amanda said...

oh friend he just looks sooo darn happy!! and sooo full of energy!!

i just love it :)

The Mrs. said...

He is the cutest! You are one fabulous mom too!

paige said...

what a wonderful day!
hope you all are soon on the mend