Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time Flies...

My little Bradley, you will be 19 months old next week! I cannot believe it. The past year and a half have just flown by! You are just talking up a storm, learning new words everyday. Some of my favorite little "Bradley" words are...

bee-bo = belly button You got this from your bee-bo book that you love reading.

baa-bo = blueberries Your favorite fruit!

oo-gurt = yogurt Which you would eat for every meal if we let you!

beee = binkie You love to sleep with your binkie, but now you take the step stool over to the draw and get out a binkie yourself. Now we can't find your binkies when we need them!!

bubble I love the way you say this word, and how you try and try to blow bubbles with the wrong end of the bubble stick. Even though your Dad has tried to show you the right way every time we blow bubbles!

cheeeeeese = cheese You love cheese, and you say this word with so much expression that it just makes me smile.

baby bird = hummingbirds You saw a little hummingbird that flew into the garage. Chris spent quite a while trying to get you to say "bird." Then you turned to him and said, "No, Baby Bird!"...while pointing your little finger. Come on Dad, don't you know anything!

Wheeeee You love to say this anytime you are going down the slide or on the swing in the backyard.

Where it go? Always with your arms raised in a love to say this anytime the doggie goes outside.

Shoe This was one of your first words, but it is still a favorite of mine. Anytime we are going somewhere you say, "Shoe, Bye-Bye." You are a cutie, my little guy.

You love to be outside playing, swinging, going for a walk, throwing the stick for the dog, or playing at the pool. You also love to read books. When I am taking a shower in the morning I will find you sitting in our room with a big pile of books. Just reading and babbling to yourself. You current favorite is "The Wheels on the Bus."

This week we went to the "big mall" in town with my great friend Jen from my first teaching job. Her little girl Addisan is so cute, and they had a great time playing together. Bradley tried to get Addisan to play with the water. Jen just started a blog for their little family called "Party in My Crib." Isn't that a cute bloggy name?

There was a little train that went through the mall. Bradley loved watching it go by.

The two little peanuts playing in the fountain.

I loved these pictures of the babies on the bench.
The one of Bradley leaning back on the bench is so funny!

Fun at the park!
We have gone to the park a bunch of mornings to get out our energy and have fun with friends.

Hitting the has been quite hot here at our house. So we have gone to the pool quite a bit. We went to our friend's pool the other morning. Her two little boys are little water bugs. They were so funny with Bradley. Andrew kept feeding him, and rushing to his side when he would slip or fall.


amanda said...

he is such a sweetie :)

and thanks for stopping by my world earlier - always good to meet another routine junkie!!

Lindsay said...

Awww my nephew is growing up so fast! I love the baby bird story its to cute!!

Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

I LOVE the Bee-Bo book! We read that one quite a bit!

And darn that pool looks like fun! Would I have to be seen in a swimsuit though?