Monday, July 28, 2008

All By Myself

Just when I think that we are finally settling into a stage, he starts to change again. I felt like I had the whole "one" thing figured out; tons of tantrums, lots of giggles, and mommy still has to help me do most things throughout the day. I wrote earlier about Bradley trying to feed himself with the spoon. It is the most adorable thing, but he really is getting better and better each day. Well, recently he wants to try and dress himself too! I know these photos aren't the greatest it was the end of the day and I was tired.

We we just heading up to bed when Bradley (who was running around the house in his diaper because he was trying to eat yogurt with a spoon again...well you get the picture), so I had striped him down and he decided to put his shorts back on. This was his first attempt! You can see that both legs made it into one side, it is the new style now?
This got me thinking that pretty soon he will want to do things "all by himself" without mama. This whole process must be harder on the mama than the baby. I feel a little bit of me get sad inside, the same way I totally balled when Bradley's little umbilical cord fell off after he was born. I know it is gross, but I cried my eyes out. That was the last piece of me that was connected to him. Just like that he had been growing inside me, and then he was his own person no longer connected. I am really glad this whole process takes longer than 18 years, because I am not ready to let go any time soon.

Just for a little fun, he decided to sit on the steps and flash me his diaper!
It's a nice look!
Happy Monday:)


amanda said...

honey he might be one to something here...the one legged pant look!!

very chic :)

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures!

Carly said...

Love it! Not only is he changing, but he is growing like a weed! He looks like a big boy in all of these pictures! And I must say, the one legged look is quite the "thing" amongst the toddlers these days. He readys Baby Vogue...he knows whats he's doing. Love and miss you.

Lindsay said...

I am laughing so hard!! That is great.. totally not looking forward to not being able to pick out what Sammy wears!

Good job Bradley!

3 Peanuts said...

Yes, he will want to start doing everything by himself. Might be time for a brother or sister...LOL! I look forward to seeing you Sunday night:) I'll pay you then too!


Chelle said...

Great pictures and beautiful post. Happy POW!

Mamasphere said...

Oh man, they grow up so fast. Those kids, they're constantly changing! Love the pictures- especially the last one.

Carol said...

They totally grow up so quickly, too quickly.

Hence why we find ourselves, having another and another.

My youngest is a fan of the two legs in one leg hole look also.