Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stamps and Sun

I wanted to wait a few days to make sure that Steph already got her invitation. So, here is the shower invites I made for my best friend's shower this July. We are all wearing a gorgeous chocolate brown at the wedding, so I did a little bit of brown with a baby blue. I stamped the larger image in a really soft blue (sky blue) and I also stamped the word celebrate below the ribbon. I love the little "bling" from using a bead kit that Stampin' Up has. I know the stamp is hard to see but, I put that stamp on the inside. It even has a "registered" part that is perfect for a bridal shower. I can't wait for the weekend, it is in just a few weeks! We are all staying at my girlfriend Lori's house and going wine tasting all day on Saturday. Yay!

Since coming home from the beach it has been hot! So, we have hit the pool pretty much every day possible. Yesterday afternoon we met our good friends Cali and Rick over at their pool with their daughter Larken. Isn't she adorable!?

My attempt to get the two toddlers to sit together for a picture. It didn't quite work out!

Today we met little miss Mary Reese at our pool. She had a blast playing in all of the sprinklers. Carly and I met at church a few weeks ago, and we seem to just have so much in common. I love it when you meet someone and you know they will be a great friend! Thanks Carly for meeting looked great in your swimsuit by the way:) Carly wrote a funny story on her blog Are We There Yet? about swimsuit shopping post baby. Hilarious!

The other night Chris met us at the pool after work, and Bradley had a blast with Daddy!
He was making the cutest faces with the sprinklers...I caught a few of them:)

I love this photo with the water sparkling!

This one is a little hard to make out, but Chris is holding Bradley running through the sprinklers. I just had to post it! Chris you are such a great Dad...even running through the freezing cold sprinklers for your son!


The Mom said...

Beautiful cards!! You are very talented! I love those little pool chairs too!

g said...
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g said...
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Carly & Garrett said...

Sorry about the two deleted posts...that was yours truly having some technical difficulties on G's work computer.

Lets try this again...

Love the invitation! You amaze me! Is there anything you are NOT good at?!

Had the best time with you today. Thanks for inviting us to the pool:)

Ann said...

I found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
Your pictures are beautiful!

Indy said...

Beautiful cards and photos. You are very talented.