Friday, June 6, 2008

I Did It!

I finished my taping for Body Step...

I didn't throw up in the microphone, or pass out on the floor, although I thought I might!

It has been quite an adventure from the first training in March till now. 13 songs to memorize, 1 hour of cherography, cueing, hand movements, and personality. I may need to do another taping, but for now I am finished! All I have to do is mail it in and wait two months to see if I am certified. (Which might be a blessing, since I think if I look at the DVD one more time I might go crazy, literally.)

Now, let's see if I can find a job doing this crazy thing, while not throwing up in the microphone and motivating people. I think I am nuts!

I know you are dying to watch me, so as soon as I have the video to download I will post it on the blog. That way you can laugh at me in the privacy of your home! lol!

Off to go pack for the beach!


Lindsay said...

Way to go Clare! I am so proud of you! You set your mind on something and you always do an amazing job doing it! Have fun at the beach!

Katie said...

Hey Clare!
I stumbled upon your blog and it looks great. Good for you with getting your taping done. I'm sure it is perfect! Have a great vacation.

OHmommy said...

Way to go Clare... that is totally awesome. How I would love to do something like that.


Now get that video up there. ;)

Melissa said...

wow, those girls in the step picture on your post look just like you! HA! you did a great job on your taping, sit back and be proud of yourself....

wish you were here to help me pack!
love, melissa

Kimber said...


Way to go! Keeping my finegrs crossed for you. Have fun at the beach!!!

Carly & Garrett said...

I am so proud of you for doing this! And, glad that its over:) I gotta admit, I was nervous for you, but knew you would do great! Cant wait to see little mama in action on the video. I rejoined ACAC last week so we will have to go workout together.