Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day Celebrations

We didn't get a chance as a family to celebrate Father's Day last week since we were on vacation. So, our family got together today to have some time at the lake with the babies. My parents were so blessed to go on a two week trip to Hawaii! They got to travel the islands, go on a cruise, a helicopter ride, and take some surfing lessons.
Here is an awesome picture of my father surfing on the trip. Go Dad!

I took some pictures of the cousins swimming at the lake. I had a great time editing the photos. Sammy is just so cute! My grandma also came down to the lake to see the tots swimming.

Sammy in the his baby boat. He just loved watching all of the kids swimming the lake.

Bradley enjoyed a lollipop on the beach. It was so fun snapping away as he was eating.

This lollipop picture was just so cute.
I tried it in black and white, and with focal color below.
Oh, the joys of summer!

Our little family...

The boys spent a lot of time playing in the bucket of water.
Bradley was teaching Sammy how to throw all of the toys out of the bucket.

Grandpat in the water with Bradley.

Little Sammy, you are so cute!

Sammy and Mommy, I don't think he could be happier!

I took this picture of Bradley's head for the blog Classy Chaos. She takes wonderful pictures, and she is giving some photography tips on her blog. She suggested taking a picture of your child's the summer light their hair looks so cute. Bradley's is in need of cut, but I love when it gets a little long you start to see some curls peaking through. Wonder where he gets that from?

I love this photo of Bradley checking out the water. You are so precious, we love you!


Lindsay said...

Look at you getting pictures up so quickly! I love the one of the two boys playing together! We had fun hanging out yesterday!

OHmommy said...

I don't think he needs a cut.... I love his natural highlights. Beautiful.

Kimber said...


I love all the beach and lake pictures:0 Bradley looks adorable:)