Monday, June 30, 2008

Did you feed the dog?

I heard some funny noises coming from the kitchen this morning,
and this is what I found when I got there....

a small little person who lives in our house was trying to feed the dog (even though she already had breakfast). Hershey our chocolate lab is very loved by Bradley. He loves to play with her, pet her (pound on her back), and throw the ball for her. Well, Bradley has been "helping" chris and I carry the little scoop into the laundry to feed Hershey in the morning. I guess he wanted to take matters into his own hands. I have searched everywhere and I still can't find the scoop for the dog food??

We even got some dog food in the laundry basket...thanks Bradley!

I was impressed to see some of the food actually made it into the dog bowl.
Not bad for a 1 year old! Can't wait until doing chores actually means that
I don't have to clean up afterward:)


Carly & Garrett said...

Love it! This child can do no wrong in my eyes! He was so sweet to MR last night. We had a blast touring the "Simpson" house. Thanks for a wonderful supper and great grown-up conversation:) Tell Nick we enjoyed it too.

G had his appt today. 13 stitches, blood work, and a chest xray. We go back after vacation to get more places removed. I will keep you posted.

Thanks again for having us over last night. We had the best time!

Lindsay said...

LOL.. I was on the phone when you told me about this. I could not wait to see the pictures! Bradley is such a big helper! Give hugs and kisses from us and we will see you guys on Friday :-)

Jodee Leader said...

Hilarious pictures! You have a good little helper on your hands!

I only know Kim from blogging. In fact, she was the one who inspired me to start my own blog. I am so thankful I found her because I absolutely LOVE blogging. It is so nice to meet new people too! I was hoping to meet Kim in Minneapolis this weekend (since I live in NE), however, we will be in San Diego.

Have a great week!

Kristen Andrews said...

oh he is too cute! My 2.5 year old still does that w/ the dog food. He now can open the bin.

Ann said...

Clare... this is getting interesting regarding our similarities... we also have a chocolate lab!
So, when's your birthday? In July perhaps?

Indy said...

I love these pictures. He did a pretty great job for a one year old!

You asked how I liked Pillars. I LOVED it. I too ignored my family so I could finish the book. I really enjoyed it.