Monday, May 5, 2008

Time Flies...

You won't even believe what our little peanut of a 1 1/2 year old did!? A while ago Chris and I noticed a split down the side of one of our kitchen cabinets. We assumed that Bradley may of done it while he was learning to pull up and open them. Well, all of the cabinets have been locked for quite a while now. The other day Bradley pulled on this same door so hard that it just split right down the side!!! It scared him to death, and Chris and I just looked down at the floor in amazement! Now we have to wait at least two weeks for a new cabinet door to come in. It is driving me crazy, but I guess I just have to deal with it...

The new look of our island cabinet!

I was talking to my friend Kim the other day and she was telling me that after you have had a few children the memories begin to fade. As I have gone through this first year with Bradley I have thought that I won't forget this!!! But, it seems that the sleepless nights seem really far off, along with the fussy little baby we brought home a year ago. I took some pictures the other day of some of Bradley's favorite things right now. They may seem really silly, but they are little things that are a part of his life every day.

Broccoli!! This child LOVES broccoli! I buy it in bunches at the grocery store, or in large bags at Sam's Club. He loves to have it for dinner. He will eat an entire bunch of broccoli in one sitting.

These are some of Bradley's favorite snacks. He LOVES the dried fruit. He holds it between his front teeth and nibbles away. It is the cutest thing you have every seen. "Mini" Nilla wafers are bit size and he can eat them by the handful. Of course Goldfish, aren't they one of the major food groups for a toddler?

Binkis...he loves them in his crib and in the car, and of course when we are having a tough afternoon. They solve all major problems and meltdowns in this house. What will we do without them?

Bradley LOVES Kashi cereal. He will eat it every morning for breakfast. I guess that makes up for the nilla wafers as a snack?

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Lindsay said...

All that Kashi is making him so strong he is ripping cabinet doors off! Glad that goldfish is a food group I think Sammy has that one covered ;-)