Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sammy Turns One!

Sammy Whitcomb turned ONE on April 25th! We were so excited to celebrate with him and Lindsay and Tim. They had a "truck" party for him on Saturday. I played around with a bunch of the images. Tell me what you think about the pictures!
Bradley and Grandpat watching Sammy eat his cake.

Isn't Sammy cute?

Sammy playing with one of his many new toys!

Sammy playing with the step stool we gave him. It has his name as a puzzle on the top. It was such a hit, I think I might get Bradley one too!

Sammy and Grandpat!

Bradley and Grandpat watching Sammy open gifts.

Sammy is reading the directions.

The Dump Truck Cake!

I think it was good!


Lindsay said...

aww yay so cute!! I need to get a post up about Sammy's birthday :-P

Lauren said...

Those are great pictures! And the swingset looks like tons of fun. We'll have to come try it out sometime!