Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meme (a little about me:~)

I have been tagged by the wonderful Kim at Three Peanuts. Kim inspired me to start blogging and I love seeing all of the memories she has been able to preserve from her blog. So, here is my first meme...

I was tagged by Kim to do this meme:

Favorite person (outside of family): This is a really hard first question....

Favorite food? I love to cook and try new foods. I am a lot more adventurous than my husband in that area. Favorite food that I cook for myself would be homemade cheesecake for the holidays. If I went out to get my favorite food it would have to be Chinese (P.F. Changs)!! Yummo! I also LOVE anything from Rachel Ray's cookbooks. She is the best!

Quirks about you? I am sure my husband could name a whole list for this question. I think I am really quirky about things (esp. around the house) and I am very particular. If I am going to take the time to do something, I want to do it 110% and make it the best. I would say I have a severe case of perfectionism. I would like to work on that, as I am writing about it. I can't sit down and relax at night unless the whole kitchen is cleaned, house is picked up, and Bradley's playroom is organized.

I can NEVER find my car keys when it is time to leave, I mean NEVER!

How would the person who loves you the most describe you in ten words or less? Chris said, "loving, caring, and compassionate mother and wife" Ahhhhh!

Any regrets in life? I wish I hadn't been so hard on my parents in high school. I think I was really well behaved as a young child, but I put my parents through a lot in high school. I finally came around though! I am worried about regretting things as a parent. I hope to live each moment to the fullest, and not leave things unsaid or undone. We will never get these moments back.

Favorite charity or cause? I am such a softy for giving money to a good cause. If anyone rings our door bell to sell things from Girl Scout cookies to tubs of cookie dough, we will buy them. I think Chris is worse than me (he bought over $50 in cookie dough that is still sitting in the freezer for the local high school band!). I used to run in a lot of race fund raisers, mostly Susan G. Komen or American Cancer Society. I would probably say my favorite is anything giving to children in need or the American Cancer Society to support cancer research.

Favorite blog recently? Most of the blogs I have found have been through Kim's blog. I really love Classy Choas! It is really funny! I also saw the Today show interview with the writer of Dooce and that is a really fun blog.

Something you cannot get enough of? Most recently... Skinny Cow ice cream cones! They are so awesome and only 150 calories for the cone and all:) Mostly though I am obsessed with smoothies from Smoothie King. We have one in our town, and when Bradley was really little I would drive over there a few times a week just for the Angel Food Cake Smoothie. My husband is now an addict as well.

Worst job you ever had? One Christmas break in college I got a job at a temp. agency. They placed me at this place where you listened to recorded messages of people calling in to get information from a comercial ad. I had to listen to the message and enter in the person's name and address. I am a HORRIBLE speller and all of the people who were calling in were elderly (I could hardly hear them, and their names were like Dorothy not Amy!) I was horrible. They fired me on the second day for too many spelling errors. Thank God for spell check! Most other jobs I have loved from life guarding for four summers to working at summer camps.

What job would you pay NOT to have? Anything sitting down in a cubicle all day long. I just really need some people interaction.

If you could be a fly on the wall, where? I guess I would want to be a fly on the wall where my husband plays poker. It would be interesting to hear what he says about me in front of his friends.

Guilty pleasure? Definitely my newest guilty pleasure is blogging and facebook (I have found so many people on facebook it is so fun!!!)

Got any confessions? I worry about letting Bradley eat too many processed foods, foods that aren't organic, and food made with genetically modified ingredients. I want him to eat fresh and healthy, and he really does well. But then we will have a phase where all he will eat is Ritz Bitz crackers for two weeks straight. I worry about it constantly! Confessions as a parent, as for myself I wish that I drank less Diet Coke. I am totally addicted, I know horrible!

If you had to spend $1000 on yourself, how would you spend it? Probably shopping for clothes and shoes. I am thinner now than before I had Bradley. I have bought more clothes, but I still don't have a ton of things that fit me like before. I just don't have the time to do some serious shopping. Also, it seems like if I do have a new shirt on he will grab me with syrup on his hands and it is ruined. So for right now I am sticking with Old Navy and Gap, no more Banana Republic and Ann Taylor for a while.

Favorite thing about your house? I love my home...Chris and I picked every last detail down to the grout colors in the tile. My favorite thing is the morning room and deck. It looks out over the trees and it gets wonderful light! I also love Bradley's nursery. It is just so cozy in there!

Least favorite thing about your house? Probably all of the things that we still want to work on! There are just so many, from tons of different yard projects to getting curtains hung and buying more furniture for a few different rooms. Now that we have been here for a few years we are really ready to decorate some more!

One thing you are bad at? Math! I used to be fairly good at math, but then I taught first and second grade for 5 years. I guess multiplication and division just left my brain! I can count to ten really well though!

One thing you are good at? Teaching children! I love to watch the process of children learning how to read. That is why I loved teaching first grade. When I go down in my basement and see all of the years of hard work and "stuff" I do miss it. But, this is the season of my life to be at home with my family. There will always be teaching jobs in the future, but Bradley won't always be 1 1/2.

If you could change one thing about your circumstances, what? I love everything about my life right at this moment. I don't think I have ever been this content being a wife and mother. I feel like I have truly found my calling from God.

Who would you like to meet someday? My favorite girl...Oprah Winfrey

What makes you feel sexy? A dressy outfit and high heels!

Who is your real life hero? Stay a home moms everywhere, whether they have one child or four it is all really hard!

What is the hardest part of your job? Right now it is learning how to discipline Bradley appropriately. And how to say no to outside commitments that take me away from home too much.

When are you most relaxed? On Saturday morning when Chris is letting me sleep in and Bradley is downstairs playing with him. Or on the beach-anywhere!

What stresses you out? Bradley throwing a tantrum in the middle of Target.

What can you not live without? My gym membership, having a place with great people to watch my child for an hour while I take care of myself.

Do you agree with the recent article that blogs are authored by narcissists? No, I think this is such a wonderful way to communicate with family and friends. I have received a ton of emails from friends writing little notes about loving to check our blog. They wouldn't get to find out all of the fun little things that go on in our daily life if it wasn't for this blog.

Why do you blog? To have a day to day account of our lives raising Bradley, and staying connected with family and friends.

Who are you tagging?
New/newer bloggers- Melissa and Lauren
Bloggy friends-Lindsay and April
Bloggers you'd like to get to know better- Pip
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Kimber said...

I loved reading about you! Thank you for playing along:) I didn 't now you read Classy Chaos too!

Lindsay said...

Yum skinny cows!!

Carly & Garrett said...

It was so nice meeting you at church today! I feel like I have known you forever reading your blog! I had to laugh at this post b/c you are like me in soooo many ways! I cant wait to get MR and Bradley together.


LeahBK said...

Hi Clare,
I work with Smoothie King and love that you're enjoying our Angel Food smoothie! It happens to be one of my favorites, too. Have you ever tried “making it skinny”? This removes the turbinado (raw cane sugar) and reduces the smoothie by 99 calories and 23 carbs – it’s my favorite way to drink it! Enjoy!